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  1. Your such a minority lol

  2. DiSaRm

    b4llz's Application

    On behalf of the staff here on vVv i would like to welcome you to the forums . Remember to stay active and add some of us to play with. If you ever have any questions feel free to PM or AIM myself or another member of staff. Hope you had a good sunday old man
  3. DiSaRm


    Welcome to the site, and please be sure to fill out your profile some more. You will need a profile picture, and some more general information filled out. I hope you find your stay enjoyable, and i hope to see you around
  4. good luck on your app, feel free to add me so we can play sometime if you like. Have a good weekend
  5. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    Thanks bro, i am available anytime you need to talk about anything.
  6. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    Thanks homey, i am a cool guy lol , i will accept when i get on
  7. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    Thanks winnie i appreciate it
  8. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    Sweet, im so happppppy
  9. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    thanks, we need to play sometime, i added you to my FL
  10. DiSaRm

    Blood's Application

    Welcome and good luck, be sure to put that pic of you in your profile
  11. DiSaRm

    TRC's Application

    thanks overkill, i appreciate the good luck, maybe it will help me be accepted
  12. Oye Mi Canto BITCH lol hows that for Reggaeton

  13. DiSaRm

    That's what i was going for, lol. Your pic makes you look like a drunk

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