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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back! @Magicmooch: I feel like I have a strong understanding of the game and how to play it in such a way that facilitates self-improvement and a high quality of play. For proof of self improvement, I started Season Three in low Silver, and over the duration rose to Plat 3, and probably could have reached even higher if it weren't for real life obligations that take precedent over my ELO. As for quality of play, I have been playing since late 2009, and have never once been banned or brought before the Tribunal. I feel that I can share both of these qualities with other players, especially newer or less skilled players, in order to better their own League experiences. I also feel that the type of work I do in real life, that regarding the technical aspects of theatrical productions, might be a more unique perspective that I could bring to the proverbial table. I also do have a competitive streak and would really enjoy playing on a team of some kind, even if it was just low ranked 5s. On such a team, I feel I can bring much of the same perspective I had mentioned earlier, but towards a group of (ideally) like-minded individuals. At the core of things, I just really enjoy League of Legends, so I do a lot of reading and researching on various related topics in my free time. I mentioned before that I enjoy writing, so another way to bring value would be for me to do blog posts of some kind about League, and my own personal opinions on the game and what the various changes could potentially mean. And if all else fails, I know quite a few bear puns to use when playing Volibear, which may or may not help my case.
  2. Just so people know, I won't be online much until next week. I'm working a show and will be busy doing that pretty much every night until it closes on Sunday.
  3. Top 7 percent, woo! I am a little sad, though, that I didn't reach Diamond. I know that with more time I could have definitely reached it. Unfortunately, the time constraints were more on my end than Riot's (between class and working in the theater I've had almost no time to play the past few weeks).
  4. I also vote for inhouse tournaments! 3v3s could be fun too, and supposedly we'll be getting the Magma Chamber 1v1 and 2v2 maps soonish, so when that comes out 1v1 and 2v2 tourneys as well!
  5. I think it would be neat if they made even just a blog post every so often. Playing on a dedicated team means you don't necessarily have a lot of time to dedicate to the game otherwise, so a blog on their thoughts on the game every so often would be cool to see.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately (fortunately?) PAX is an extremely popular event, and has only gotten more so since PAX East started. This year the 3 day passes sold out under an hour, which is mind blowing, and then most of the single day passes followed suit. I was lucky enough to get mine, so I will be attending again this year! PAX number 4 for me!
  7. I think they're taking things in a great direction by adding in trinkets. More incentive to ward when everyone can constantly have one free ward. So far I'm really liking all the S4 changes they've been testing out.
  8. I'm ok with trends from the current meta being reinforced or recommended, as they are currently the "optimal" plan, so long as it doesn't stifle the potential for creativity.
  9. So it would seem! At the end of the day it simply is what it is. I watched a video preview of it from the PBE and I don't remember it having a different VO, but I may just not be remembering right or it may have just been a very early version (if I remember right the version I had seen kept crashing games when you ulted, woops!).
  10. Have you? I don't recognize that at all. Nothing about his new VO implies anything "big dumb troll" to me. Ambitious and ruthless yes, hyper intelligent no, but definitely not "hurr durr." It's not exactly like his old voice over was awe inspiring anyway...they really went with the low hanging fruit on a lot of them with references to "trolling."
  11. I both love and hate that standpoint. On the one hand, yay! More people to love Nasus like I do. On the other hand, grr, other people playing Nasus means I don't get to...
  12. Not sure I see the resemblance to Jar Jar anywhere in his update...
  13. I loved his VO even before I knew he was dead, that was the main reason why I wanted it preserved. The original VO just sounded so damn goooooood. But dem 15 lines tho EDIT: This came up on Reign of Gaming, giving a listen to it nao. I like it but it's just not the saaaaaame
  14. Also, apparently he's getting a legendary skin to go with his visual rework. Looks alright, more interested in how it looks in game. Going to buy it anyway, as I made a vow to own every susaN skin in the game anyway.
  15. I honestly thought the Trundle VU was a definite improvement. He doesn't retain a lot of the same character that he previously had, true, and I can understand why people would be miffed about that. However, I do feel it was overall for the better. I don't miss the old character so much as I miss the old theming...a "plague troll" seemed interesting to me. There's also the story approach from it though, and from what I remember of his old lore there was basically nowhere else for it to go. He was the runt, took the tribe's "curse" to try to help them, and it turned out they needed it to live, and Trundle decided to basically just flip his tribe the bird and let them all die. From that point onward there's no real forward motion or driving action; the character lacked any real motivation for much of anything else.

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