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  1. This no doubt will help quite a bit of people with strat forming! I don't know what else that will help with, at least it will get some use...
  2. Because of worlds, Riot has toned down the two strongest ADC's at this point in time, Ez can get disrupted when he is jumping now so he does not have "god mode" on all the time. I am iffy on the change because i have not played as them yet but i know once the changes hit then we wont care that much after a while because we will all adapt.
  3. I would love to play with you if i remembered my smurf names!!!!!!
  4. Hay SugarBear! sorry i was at my brothers home the last few days and he does not have a PC. Well i have been involved in a community of people that was based in my home town and they were all toxic in one way or another and that put a HUGE damper on my mood for like 8 weeks while i was in that group. That is not what i want, i play games to have fun and be quite good! I used to be SUPPPPPPER shy and i am still working with it so being in a HUGE community of people that are quite nice and social will most likely help
  5. Well because league of legends is a game of adaptability I am looking forward to the changes and the new champs people will start playing in diff roles and going to get gold ASAP in S4 so i will never have to rush and i can just focus on getting better.
  6. Caitlyn - My friend always said "Cait is so bad" so i wanted to prove him wrong and learned her and am now 17/11 with her (15 ranked win streak with her) and now my friend wont let me play any other ADC to carry him to gold xD Riven - When you need to jump to GoldV in 2 days this is the champion you need to play! I also find her SUPPER fun because you can do tons of damage and shut people down if you are to just jump on the correct people. (13/6) Vladimir - Tanky damage / supper split push / carry the crap out of people / VLADIMIR who does not love that?! all you have to do is get spell vamp and push top all game, if you feed just push harder and harder, once you go 0/3 it will be worth more if you just keep a enemy in the lane with you they will not get the benefits of the kill they take on you. Your team might rage at you but when you keep the game a 4v4 (or 3v4) your team will fall head over heals for you. I did this in all 11 games and it worked in 81.8% of them so that is the reason i like vlad, you can "win by feeding" which is what i like to do . (9/2)
  7. Yeah I have herd about Lunity and her voice is awesome! I just don't look for LoL music much so have not heard about much people that do LoL songs .
  8. Hay IRGRL and WaKai thanks for the reply's! vVv Magicmooch: What I can add to vVv is I can promote vVv to all of my gamer friends and just about anyone i meet! I can also add a bright spirit and a competitive member to an amazing family. I downloaded mumble and joined the server. When i play i will be sure to join in on the fun! I will try my best to attend the inhouses and meet and greets unless something is going on that will not let me be online at those times! vVv Hinao: i will be sure to ask any questions if i come up with any
  9. I am going to try to get every single skin. I always try to get skins if they are going to the legacy vault!
  10. Heimer is powerful now for sure although i only got to play one game as him i am happy with the re-work (they didn't change his swag walk S to the O). Xerath is supper strong now, all of his skills fit each other SUPPER well. at level 16 if you are standing in mid you can almost ulti baron...(nuff said?) his E is amazing because it is a stun now and not a set-up stun.
  11. Looking to join that gold list soon xD
  12. Name: Dillon Knight Age: 17 Location: Albuquerque, NM Summoner Name: Koph Drop What is your current division in Ranked? Gold5 (in promo's ATM Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? Nope, try to be a nice little boy because why would you want to be mad all the time for no reason? What is your favorite champion and role? Why? Ahri is my favorite champion because i love how she can just blow people up, my best champion is Caitlyn, and my favorite roles have to be Mid and ADC because they can do some crazy damage outputs. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I don't remember how i heard of vVv (was like 4 years back) and was not into competitive gaming. The person that refereed me to the sight to get this all started was vVv WaKai Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? The only person i know is WaKai i was playing ranked duo queue and had to know if he was a real vVv member then i looked at his profile and started to nerd-out . Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? vVv was the first major gaming community i heard of and the people all seemed nice What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I love paintball, football, soccer, and basket ball (not that i am good at football or basket ball ) I have been playing soccer from the age of 5 so i think i am relatively good at that! Do you have competitive tournament experience? No i don't, i have never had the chance to play in any but i watch most of them that involve league of legends! Have you attended any national events? Gaming wise i have not gone to anything , but i have gone to NY to see the fireworks for the 4th of July. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I don't want to set any barriers for myself so i want to get as far as i possibly can!

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