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  1. @SugarBear Yea haven't been able to play much video games or keep up much. Holiday season traveling, new dog, and gf means my free time is at a minimum. I will try to be more active over the next month though. I sent you a message about trying to sync up a meeting again.
  2. That has already been nerfed haha.
  3. One thing that has stuck out to me is that there isn't someone dedicated to giving high level feedback during in-houses. Something I could do would be present for all inhouses to watch and give feedback. Or be able to work with others on a one on one basis to give tips on what they could do to improve.
  4. Perhaps in a form of mentorship role?
  5. They talked about at one point how they were planning to increase the pushing power of that one inhib down lane. It'll be closer to Dota 2's style of Racks down.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C8e7kTj-7I Doomhammer in multiple clips during this
  7. If you want a to learn a role there are plenty of resources just on youtube, solomid. and probuilds to teach you the majority of what the role requires. Observing actual gameplay and helping people notice their mistakes would be a tangible benefit. Instead of just reading the usual role ama bulletpoints of ward, cs, and don't feed.
  8. Don't you want to enjoy the wonderful community that league of legends has to offer in soloq?
  9. Wouldn't that just be a gif of Heimer's walk with an arrow point to it saying, "This"?
  10. I've got one that's level 28. SHAAAAAARK if you are interested.
  11. And I hope it isn't so close to instantaneous that you can't dodge if you are in range like it is currently
  12. That's actually a really good thing if you enjoy playing corki. One of the reasons his mana costs were so high was because of the lack of counterplay in lane vs Corki's skills. Maybe corki's will have to do something other than rolling their face across a keyboard to use corki's burst
  13. She is most likely overpowered. Having a 57% win ratio in diamond isn't a good thing.
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