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  1. Welcome! The best tip I can give you is to save up to 3150 IP, buy the champion called Teemo, then play him non-stop. Hop in the mumble and there will always be people willing to play.
  2. That grey health mechanic seems a little too strong, especially considering he scales off max HP. I'd say he is pretty obviously a tank, so what's to stop him from building like 4.5k HP, waiting till he gets down to 500 hp, then suddenly getting a shield for 4k. Sure, it falls off fast, but having a 4k shield of a tank is almost literally the same thing as having a kayle ult on a tank. The enemy team simply is not going to destroy that shield before it falls off, unless they are fed and hard focus him. But he is the tank, so if they hard focus him...they die. And, obviously, this is getting talking about the activation. The passive healing mechanic of it alone is really strong for trading in lane or in the jungle. Also, I know these abilities showcases are usually a little unreliable with how much damage the abilities do but dang that swallow thing did like 33% of twitches HP. And, I mean, it says right there in does % of the enemies max HP. So the amount being done in the video in this particular case might actually be accurate.
  3. Pishman


    Only cause you stole my ace!
  4. You get Global Elite yet Plague?
  5. Pishman

    Interesting Bug

    What is your steam name vultige we must play!
  6. Pishman

    Interesting Bug

    I believe they patched this earlier today. So I was playing a comp game earlier, on my road up the ranks, when my team starts talking about this surrender bug. I ask what it is. Apparently, if you surrender as the half is switching, and the vote passes, the enemy team will then gain a round. Then, after the first round of the second half - no matter what the outcome - the game will end because the enemy team "surrendered". Anyway, this came up because apparently exploitation of this bug exploded after the operation update. The enemy team happened to be some of these exploiters. Basically, they'd go into a comp game, one of them would abandon, then they'd just screw around the whole half and use the bug to make my team "surrender" after the first round of the second half. 100% win rate, using this method. And, if they took turns abandoning, then they could actually got lots of free wins. I thought it was an interesting bug. Funnily enough, I was only able to find one example of it on the subreddit. Also, the astonishing thing is that the one post on the subreddit showing this bug is 11 months old. It makes me wonder, is this bug 11 months old? Am I behind, just finding out about it today? Thought I'd share.
  7. Personally I don't mind the unbalanced lanes that come from making a team out of 5 people of different skill levels. It mixes things up, and adds a little bit of a new dynamic to the game. IE: Is it more important to kill their highest rank player, or two of their lower ranked players in a teamfight? Stuff like that.
  8. That's handy. Good spots for supports to memorize.
  9. Its interesting that they have a clone follow you around all the time to help with your ultimate. I think I'd prefer that not to be there, to make him a little higher skill cap. Overall he seems a little boring, all his skills are fairly unoriginal.
  10. I'll miss him, he's always been a presence in the esports scene and was the jungler on Curse back when they were my favorite team. I doubt he's leaving for good though, he loves the game too much. I think he'll stay involved with esports.
  11. I'd certainly participate. Been loving CS but haven't had too much chance to play with the community.
  12. Pishman

    1k Kills on my SG!

    Do you use SG over AK? I usually do but I'm curious about what others prefer.

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