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  1. RT @dignitasQtpie: making some plays while eating some @Fritolay cant wait to dig into a bag of salt & vinegar!!!!

  2. I've played both extensively, and I'd recommend WoW. SWTOR's story is amazing, and it does have great gameplay, but the endgame in WoW is miles ahead of it. PvP is better, heroic and raid queues are instant, unlike SWTOR, where you will be waiting at least 10 minutes for every queue. If you plan on sticking with an MMO, it has to be WoW, but if you're just going to play for a month or so, to try it out, SWTOR is good.
  3. Mostly been playing watcher druid and token druid in constructed. I play Reynad's Zoo Warlock deck whenever I'm losing and I need an easy win.
  4. Hey everybody, I run a ranked 5s team, seeing if there's any interest here in setting up some friendly scrims. We're all plat/diamond players, so teams around that level would probably be better for both parties. Let me know here or in game. IGN: I Am Totoro
  5. Make sure you get each deck to level 10, and beat every AI class, both on normal and expert. That's 300 gold for doing that, and you'll get a good idea of what decks are capable of.
  6. If you're ahead in lane with Renekton, you can build Hydra and it's pretty solid on him. Otherwise, I'd just go straight tank. He has no defensive abilities. Sure, his ult gives him HP, but it's meaningless without resistance. Renekton falls off in late game because of this. You basically pick Renekton solely to stomp their top. If you want to learn some tops that can actually carry, I'd recommend Mundo/Shyvana/Rengar, although there's nothing wrong with Renekton. As for your list of champs to learn, looks really good. My only comment would be not to worry about counter-jungling. The risk is way too high and the payoff for being successful isn't enough. I can't tell you how many times I've been "counter" jungled, only to end up ahead in levels and CS because I know how to manage my time better. If you want to carry games as Lee Sin, build a hydra and boots of mobility and gank the shit out of everybody. Lee Sin is the best jungler in the game when played correctly. Learning champs like him with high skill-caps (Vayne, Draven, Cassio, Ori come to mind) will help you improve a lot faster as a player because you have to position extremely well to get the most out of them.
  7. Here is a list of deck builds using only basic cards unlocked naturally by leveling the class to 10. http://www.hearthhead.com/decks?filter=set-2-min=30
  8. Damn that's rough...I dropped to Plat 4 after going 3-7
  9. ReV

    The reset

    I've been playing for over 3 years, from Bronze to Diamond and I can assure you, there are trolls in every elo. Just play the game.
  10. I'd like to get 75+ points in D1, or maybe get Challenger this season.
  11. I played hundreds of normal games before jumping in to ranked. Despite popular belief this game has an extremely steep learning curve if you've never explored the genre before. If you do go into ranked, don't get into the mindset of winning. You just have to play to learn the game and improve.
  12. I'll give it a week before they nerf Targon's and revert the changes on the strength of jungle creeps
  13. This works to some extent. It's hard to do for ADC because the lane honestly depends way more on supports than ADC. I've played a lot of games where I just practice last hitting with no runes, sort of like training with weights. Sometimes I'll have my buddy constantly push me to tower to practice setting up creeps

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