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    JosePepowner got a reaction from vVv Pherzghul in Our guild news. (Weekly/Biweekly Updates)   
    Hey everyone, 
    This forum post will focus on showing the guilds progress and what our next goal is. As well as congratulating those who have helped significantly. Essentially this post will be a news board.
    Our stance on greens:
    All greens are considered "allied". This status will be placed on all guilds unless specified by the council.
    What does this mean for greens?
    All greens are friendlies unless the council deems otherwise. We will not attack any green in open waters unless council deems otherwise. During war times we will not attack any greens unless council deems otherwise. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself if you get attacked. If a group of players from the same guild are farming an area please respect the area they control and move on. When we go there as a group, we hope they will respect our land and move on as well. If you want to farm near them, ask who their raid leader is and work an agreement, same goes for our raid leaders if someone whispers you about farming near us. However DO NOT attack greens for jumping in your farm simply whisper them and ask them to move on. If they do not we will handle it on a one to one basis.  
    Our stance on reds:
    All reds are kill on sight. Help greens in distress if they are being attacked. When you are farming as a group, drop anything that you're doing to attack any reds that you see. Killing reds is a priority over killing whatever it is that you are farming. That sends a message to not come around here.  
    Kill on sight (KOS) list:
    Legendary Gaming  
    Our focus and goals of this week:
    These goals can be accomplished in any order but please get them done in a timely manner.
    Reach level 50. This is to insure we have protection for our galleon. Finish the galleon. This is to insure we have successful trade runs across the sea.  Gather mats appropriate to your job. Also start gathering mats for your higher tier gear. Tier 5 4-5 is extremely expensive. Doing trade runs and turning them into the resources trader and getting the Charcoal Stabilizer.  
    Guild Crafters:
    Craft: Alchemy IGN: Movious Mumble Name: vVv Pherzghul Craft: Carpentry IGN: Karan Mumble Name: Hyperlolo Craft: Cooking IGN: Chibigoat Mumble Name: Chibigoat Craft: Handicrafts IGN: ThatGuy Mumble Name: ThatGuy Craft: Leatherwork IGN: Exiled Mumble Name: vVv ExiledSoul Craft: Metalwork IGN: Amped Mumble Name: vVv AmpedRAWR Craft: Tailoring IGN: Khaela Mumble Name: vVv Khaela Craft: Weaponry IGN: Raiko Mumble Name: Raiko For more information on guild crafting and crafts in general please visit this forum post.
    Firstly congrats to Movious (vVv Pherzghul) for reaching 10k alchemy in 2 days. This is a great deal because we can now repair ships build better gear and so much more. For more info on how to get the proper alchemist mats for your gear please visit this forum post.
    People with Vehicles:
    Clipper Crew

    Farmers Cart

    If you have a vehicle PM me in game or here and I will add you.
    I will be updating the master post when more information becomes available. I will also bump the thread with the new info.
    Previous updates

    Last updated: September, 27, 2014, 4:27pm EST.
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from vekt0r in Feeling down (For jungler mains)   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Ahryse in Feeling down (For jungler mains)   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Feeling down (For jungler mains)   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from iHonkey in MMO Application: Grits   
    I vVv JosePepowner, Endorse Who ever this person is.   How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? Going on 5 months now. And to be honest every moment has been a joy. This applicant has a fun personality and is really outgoing.   What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? At first this person seemed odd to me. He seemed like that he would be a shy person and never speak often. Later as he became more comfortable with us he showed that he was a very outgoing person and easy to get along with.    What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? Probably the day he told us about the most embarrassing place he has slept. I wont say because its pretty embarrassing. However I will say this a sex position was named after him.   What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? I think he could help with growing the MMO section. Also if Blake decides to try and do that one thing he wants to do for the MMO community I think he would be a great fit and asset to vVv.  Looks over at a particular game.    How could they improve to be a better potential community member? I think he needs to work on two things. He needs to learn to take it easy. He is very up tight sometimes. I feel that he should learn that sometimes people are just joking. Lastly I think he needs to expand himself and express who he is to others and not be afraid of meeting new people.   Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? I think something great to know is that Blake is a really nice person to be around when he finally comes out from his shell. I also feel that this person knows what he wants and knows how to get it.
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    JosePepowner reacted to iHonkey in Greatest Achievement in GW2   
    I uh....I guess I enjoyed it most when I unlocked my first mystic forge food tray...It's not like I need a legendary or anything...right?

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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in What makes a comeback   
    Ride him some more why dont you. #THIRSTY. And yes I will make sure everyone is aware. MWAHAHAHAHA
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Chibigoat3 in I am Ready!   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from ShmemSolid in I am Ready!   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Is selling dungeons runs against the rules. NO proof inside   
    Proof 2
    Proof 3
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    JosePepowner reacted to Daviepants in Guildies with legendaries!   
    Khrysor* <3
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Guildies with legendaries!   
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in GW2 Mumble Skin - Super Sexy!   
    Pretty sexy skin IMO. I enjoy it a ton because it matches the game I play so well.

    Pretty much download THIS Make a folder anywhere where it won't get deleted. Extract the folder you downloaded from step 1 into this folder. Then in Mumble go to configure.  Hit the advanced checkbox at the bottom left corner.  Hit user interface. click the browse button in the skin section. locate the folder as to where you downloaded and saved the skin to from step 2. go into that folder and find the file called Gw2.Qss. highlight and hit open. hit the apply button and restart Mumble. I found this under some burred reddit threads BTW. Credit to.this person
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Ahryse in How do you picture   
    What I picture when I see a support that tries to blow all of there items.
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from IwasGlorified in IwasGlorified Application   
    I vVv JosePepowner endorse IwasGlorified Sethpippin TheCrinkler Mazmulfrentazmul something something Seth Marko.   How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? Well I have known Seth for over 6 years now. I met him in middle school and we have been friends since then. For in game we'll HOURS AND HOURS. We have played different games together from LoL to CoD to Super Smash.   What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? When I first met Seth I thought he was strange and that is saying something look at me. I slowly realized though that he was just a really fun dude to be around. He was always willing to help in anything he knew and always armed with tons of knowledge. As far as changes go well since middle school I hope he has changed. The changes though are just growing older more mature. As far as his attitude to helping people that has not changed he is still willing and eager.    What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? Well for in game it was when Seth got his first penta kill as fiddle. His reaction was amazing it was as follows. Me: Seth you just got a penta. Seth: I know. Me: Dude I am freaking out more then you are WTF you just got your first penta freak out. Seth: Okay Jose I just got my penta at 1am I can't scream dumbass. Me: Ohh right...... SETH JUST GOT AN F ING PENTA. It was really a fun moment. As far as out of game it was when we did our highschool prank. Nuff said.   What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? He is very knowledgeable very helpful and very competitive in everything he does. From WoW to MTG to LoL He strives his best to be better at it and beat anyone who stands in his way while at the same time teaching them what they did wrong.   How could they improve to be a better potential community member? I really don't know other then he should try and be on more I guess. Also maybe post more.    Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? Well he might not see it as one but from what I see is he learns hardcore about whatever game he wants. What I mean about this is if he starts playing a game and enjoys it and finds competition in it he will do HOURS of research to insure he has the knowledge he needs to prosper he will then take what he learned and hone his mechanics with the knowledge he has gathered. I find this pretty interesting as he goes very in detail with everything he learns.
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Stormforge in vVv Gaming Announce Alpha Stage of our Adopt-A-Noob program!   
    Loved the event plan on showing as much as possible. I learned a ton about jingle jangle. Learning this is great for top lane because it helps know what the enemy jungler is doing. I also learned I dont read the champions enough. I never really built against them just built to build. Other than that I need a ton of practice. Sunny D I think you did great I don't really have anything to say negatively I think we all did what we could. 
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Post your gaming station!   
    Man I look at computers and computer parts way to often. W/E its my passion. 
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Catch your NOOB!   
    Run Away Noob!   Come one, come all and be amazed! Games are afoot, to coin a phrase. We  Noobs run rampant, no where to hide! You must run to be by their side. You must follow or they will die.  Because they are noobs, they may disobey! It is up to you, to ensure that they stray too far away. A guided trail is where you must go! Make sure that you aren't too slow.   Gather your gear, what a race this will be. Keeping your noob alive, now that is key. When you reach the end, you may never know! What is lurking up or what is lurking below? Bring out the Noobs!   Noobs are running around like crazy it’s your job as a team to ensure your noob reaches the finish line, preferably in one piece!   Procedure: Each noob will be assigned to a team of 3 we can discuss teams when we begin the event. Now because we all know noobs are well noobs they may do things that annoy and irritate you but there will of course be limits. Your goal is to reach the end of the trail with your noob in tow and at the end we have a little surprise in store for you. As well as a surprise ending there are a few twists and turns in your journey. In the heart of a volcano an emote battle will occur your noob must beat the challenger to be able to move on to the next leg of your journey.   Rules: Noobs are allowed to be a bother, but they can only throw these "tantrums" we will call it a certain number of times and it will be up to the discretion of the game hosts. If all groups are doing too well we may ask our noobs to be a little more rowdy, if groups are having too hard a time we will ask that the noobs let up. If your noob dies you must go back to the beginning of the map so it is very important you protect them. Have fun, this is all about having fun and getting to know the people of the guild and working as a team. You must sign up to the event here. Simply state you will be showing.  Thanks to Aryiz and Bagzli for getting the event together.   When Where September 6th 8PM EST Mumble > MMO > Guild Wars 2 Channel
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    JosePepowner reacted to iHonkey in THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE WAAAAAATER!   
    Hey erbody!
    So after being back for awhile now, I've noticed our guild participation in tequatl runs is well...basically nonexistant. Sooooo
    What do y'all think about assigning a weekday specifically for 11 pm est tequatl runs? How about possibly running more often than once per week?
    If you don't like the sounds of this, please elaborate! Here, lemme tell you why I really wanna see it come back...
    Tequatl is one of the most exciting events in all of GW2. It's the first boss that made me actually pay attention. Between the burn phases, dodging waves, ressing teammates, and defending turrets, there is no boring moment in this fight. Did I mention he sucks you into the ocean with zombie claw root things and you can drown? Yea. Awesome.
    So yea...Tequatl does require we arrive one hour in advance. This is to insure we are on a map with an organized mega guild who downs tequatl nightly and knows exactly what to do (It is possible to kill it otherwise but a lot of the time it doesn't work as well). BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT. That hour can be used to just CHILL AND RELAX. Sometimes all we need to do as a guild is hang out in game. Why not do it while waiting on the spawn of a giant zombie dragon who's entire purpose is to MELT YOUR FACE. Straight up home skillet. 
    Let me put this in perspective for you. One boss fight. Guaranteed 1 gold and rare item or above. STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH? GUESS WHAT, THATS NOT ALL. After downing Tequatl, expect the following:
    Exotic chest
    1  - 1  2   Sip of Liquid Karma  Dragonite Ore (20) Three random weapon or piece of armor with Rare rarity or above. Chance of an Ascended weapon chest Chance of a Tequatl's Hoard  
    That's 1500 karma right off the bat. But hey, I know what you're thinking, "Ohhhhh, I'll never get the ascended weapon chest. RNGesus was like nope." Well guess what. Ever seen the ascended bow on my warrior? Guess where it came from. Yea.
    Oh, and what's Tequatl's Hoard you ask? HA! This bad boy let's you choose any "Weapon of the Sunless." Only the most awesome weapons like...ever.
    (Dat girth doe.)
    SO YEA. Long story short: Tequatl used to be run almost every night with at least 3-5 vVv members, but we seem to have stopped completely for some reason. I suggest making a scheduled night in which we can all come hang out, participate in one of the most entertaining fights in the game, and possibly come out of it all with some AMAZING loot. So please, let me know what you all think. Thanks!
    Totes McGoats
    - Blake
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    JosePepowner reacted to Daviepants in My rant on the NEW commander tag system. (No Language filter)   
    I know I've already stated a bunch of this in the shout box with you lol, but I'll add it here for the sake of others not on right now for them to read later:
    Color changes should be included in the 300g price already. Any grandfathered tags would pay the 200g difference to make the tag account bound & receive the additional colors, I think that would give commanders incentive to drop the gold, plus you're comparing 200g to 900g, and I could probably shell out at least 2 precursors from the Mystic Forge w/700g lol.
    I am still skeptical as to how a color coordination is going to exactly "help" in WvW. Like I understand one commander who is leading a havoc group would be green and a zerg would be blue, but even if the green havoc commander stated they were a havoc group and to not follow them, chances are they would wind up getting a handful of people who follow them anyway. More importantly, hardcore WvW guilds are more than likely ALWAYS going to be running a zerg group, and ONLY a zerg group, so there's no need for multiple commanders w/multiple colored tags.
    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if every commander has the same mindset as Jose does now..."Why would I waste anymore gold for a different color tag when I have one already?" It's not like the servers are incapable of stating that a certain commander is leading a havoc group, while another one is leading a zerg group, then all the player would need to do is hover their mouse over the tags to see which commander is which, alleviating the need for extra colors and wasted gold.
    Just seems like Arenanet plans to go forward this idea before really sitting down to think about all the hiccups in the system...good in theory, not so much in implementation.
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Lets see those toons.   
    While RPing yesterday I realized something we don't have a thread to show off our toons. So I thought I would create one. Here are mine.
    I have 3 others but they are not ready just yet. Ranger, Mesmer, and Engineer. Yes I said ranger its in the works LOLs might take forever. 

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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Daviepants in Its story time.   
    Hello Heroes of Tyria,
    In the vast reaches of Tyria lie the greatest dangers of all. From ghosts to dragons, undead to stuff of nightmares, it is our job to stop them at whatever cost. We must join together as heroes of Tyria to stop those threatening our lands. There are many directions that our story will take us but we first must set out on our adventure. The path we take will not be easy, but with the proper coordination and teamwork, we can put an end to the destruction. So, heroes of Tyria, are you ready?

    The plan is to tackle as many story dungeons as we can in one night.  Parties will be divided accordingly at the start of the event, so show up on time. Each party will be a given a leader who will help you to finish each dungeon. Since these are story dungeons almost all of them can be 4 manned so you may end up with 4 as a party size depending on who shows. You can always LFG the last person. The purpose of doing this is really simple some people have not unlocked the PvP track and this is a good way to get that done. Some people have yet to finish Arah story for their personal story. Some people just made new toons and like to open dungeons and can not open explorable until story is complete. What ever the reason this a good opportunity to get them done. This event is also a good way to learn more about the game and more importantly the guild mates around you. Hope to see all of you there. 
    Show up on time Mumble required no exceptions. A toon that meets the appropriate level of the dungeon. Plan for a lengthy night. While the story modes of dungeons aren't difficult, they do take some time (time frame: 1-2 hours possibly). ​It would be smart to, at the very least, get a way point in each dungeons corresponding map. The maps with dungeons in them are as follows: Plains of Ashford, Queensdale, Caledon Forest, Fireheart Rise, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Mount Maelstrom, Frostgorge Sound, and Cursed Shore. Listen to the leader of your group. This can not be stressed enough. When, Where:
    August 15th 8pm EST Mumble > MMO > Guild Wars 2 Channel May take a 1 - 2 hours depending on your group can take even longer if you as a group decides to continue.
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    JosePepowner got a reaction from Crazyviva in Guild Wars 2 World Scavenger Hunt/Protect the Noob   
    This isnt dragon tails get out of here. LOLS
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    JosePepowner reacted to IRGRL in Stepping down   
    Hey people, I got like 74847583749832 messages and it was just too many to reply to, just letting everyone know I stepped down as Warlord. 
    I will still do events and such. No worries. thx

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