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  1. Desk was 110 PC was about 2k at the time including adding new CPU and adding some new aftermarket cooling for my GPU. Also a new power supply the last one was just not working. Last thing I need is some decent speakers. But that is in due time. Also when I feel like it as I dont really have the need to play my music or sound through speakers anyway.
  2. Need I explain. The desk itself. The Specs. Whats on my desk well a shit load of stuff. LOLs. I have a PS Vita, 3DS, Ipod, S4, laptop, some games, cards, and my rubix cube. Even with all that shit it still is better than my last desk. MILES better. Also cable management is sweet. Anyway enough of my setup lets see what you guys have to offer pretty interested to be honest. EDIT: I noticed my water bottle looks like urine.. Its not its a lemonade mix thingy.
  3. So real life. BILLS BILLS BILLS....

  4. Update: Added another boat person to the boat crew. Sedated (Clipper) (Clipper)
  5. Video We went on a Freedich trade run during the big land rush. During the trade in we had some reds attack us. (KOS) and (PRX), we retaliated. During the retaliation we had 2 guilds contact us (Aggression) and (Carnage) asking us to hold back the reds while they do a trade in. We agreed. We DOMINATED the reds and protected our allies. In total we stole 3-4 trade packs from the reds and most importantly made them look like scrubs. On top of all this the guild leader was streaming so that just makes it even worst for them. I want to thank everyone for participating on the run to Freedich.
  6. Update: Added another boat person to the boat crew. Tofu (Clipper)
  7. Update: Update occurred during a "Code Black" Added a KOS list. "Legendary Gaming" Added to KOS list.
  8. Update: Changed crafter from Craft: Weaponry IGN: Desekrate Mumble Name: Desekrate To Craft: Weaponry IGN: Raiko Mumble Name: Raiko
  9. Hey everyone, This forum post will focus on showing the guilds progress and what our next goal is. As well as congratulating those who have helped significantly. Essentially this post will be a news board. Our stance on greens: All greens are considered "allied". This status will be placed on all guilds unless specified by the council. What does this mean for greens? All greens are friendlies unless the council deems otherwise. We will not attack any green in open waters unless council deems otherwise. During war times we will not attack any greens unless council deems otherwise. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself if you get attacked. If a group of players from the same guild are farming an area please respect the area they control and move on. When we go there as a group, we hope they will respect our land and move on as well. If you want to farm near them, ask who their raid leader is and work an agreement, same goes for our raid leaders if someone whispers you about farming near us. However DO NOT attack greens for jumping in your farm simply whisper them and ask them to move on. If they do not we will handle it on a one to one basis. Our stance on reds: All reds are kill on sight. Help greens in distress if they are being attacked. When you are farming as a group, drop anything that you're doing to attack any reds that you see. Killing reds is a priority over killing whatever it is that you are farming. That sends a message to not come around here. Kill on sight (KOS) list: Legendary Gaming Our focus and goals of this week: These goals can be accomplished in any order but please get them done in a timely manner. Reach level 50. This is to insure we have protection for our galleon. Finish the galleon. This is to insure we have successful trade runs across the sea. Gather mats appropriate to your job. Also start gathering mats for your higher tier gear. Tier 5 4-5 is extremely expensive. Doing trade runs and turning them into the resources trader and getting the Charcoal Stabilizer. Guild Crafters: Craft: Alchemy IGN: Movious Mumble Name: vVv Pherzghul Craft: Carpentry IGN: Karan Mumble Name: Hyperlolo Craft: Cooking IGN: Chibigoat Mumble Name: Chibigoat Craft: Handicrafts IGN: ThatGuy Mumble Name: ThatGuy Craft: Leatherwork IGN: Exiled Mumble Name: vVv ExiledSoul Craft: Metalwork IGN: Amped Mumble Name: vVv AmpedRAWR Craft: Tailoring IGN: Khaela Mumble Name: vVv Khaela Craft: Weaponry IGN: Raiko Mumble Name: Raiko For more information on guild crafting and crafts in general please visit this forum post. Congratulations: Firstly congrats to Movious (vVv Pherzghul) for reaching 10k alchemy in 2 days. This is a great deal because we can now repair ships build better gear and so much more. For more info on how to get the proper alchemist mats for your gear please visit this forum post. People with Vehicles: Clipper Crew Farmers Cart If you have a vehicle PM me in game or here and I will add you. I will be updating the master post when more information becomes available. I will also bump the thread with the new info. Previous updates Last updated: September, 27, 2014, 4:27pm EST.
  10. "If you don't know, You just won't" --- Avari
  11. "Should I turn them into ig-nots" ---Supreme-Zillikinix
  12. "I touched a titty once" --- vVv Tak "Our goal is to shit there asses" -- Jerry
  13. I am glad to see someone enjoys my humor. I try to keep it livly because I do know the start of the game is pretty much hell.

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