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  1. Hello guys, I bet some of you are wondering where the heck I have been online, forums and twitter mainly. Well there are a few reasons for my inactivity lately, which is going to lead me to resign from vVv. I know I just got accepted, but after talking with vVv Trivium about it, I feel like it's the best decision for me at this time. This also has nothing to do with the changes of vVv CoD lately or any of that. I feel like this would be the right time instead of every day feeling guilty that I haven't been on or able to do much. Basically, I don't enjoy Ghosts at all. I just don't know what it is, I don't feel it like I felt with Black Ops 2 or anything like that. That seems like a silly reason but it's not especially if someone else loves the game deserves to be in my spot for someone who will actually play the game with everyone and enjoy it. Myself not enjoying the game also leads me to not be active on the forums or twitter because it gives me no motivation to so. My life is also too busy with work, going back to school to get a second degree this upcoming semester. I also will be having surgery this coming week which would hinder me from playing for a while too. I figured that since I have not been adding much value to vVv, I would do the right thing and step down for someone else who has the time and drive with Ghosts to put into it. vVv has been one of the greatest things to happen to me, with the friends I've made, the people I've met, it's just been really good all around. Basically I will come on the forums when I can to be here supporting, because that won't stop. I just need to be a fan for a while because I have been pretty discouraged with the game itself, and me focusing my time on other things that I will enjoy more frequently. I am glad I came in here in the first place, it's a place that I think I will be at always when it comes to my console/PC gaming style. So to all the friends I've made since September thank you guys so much for an amazing time as an applicant and short time as a member, it was truly awesome, but I just need to step away for other reasons. I enjoyed every moment I was here with vVv and I still will continue to be just not as a member because of my inactivity. I will change my GT asap, I don't even have live right now which was another issue but that's all on me. I hope to keep in touch with many of you because you guys are awesome! It was fun and thank you guys so much for a great time! I will still be around! -Galaxyy
  2. Surgery next week :o

    1. Humanity


      What's going on man?!

    2. Tak


      Hope everything goes well

    3. Galaxyy
  3. LOL N3ptune, you would do it anyway since I am a nob.
  4. good luck on your application looks really clean! Feel free to follow me on twitter @vVv_Galaxyy and on XBL vVv Galaxyy hope to play with you in some 8's or just whenever hit me up and I will play when I am on! Once again good luck with your app stay active on the forums and social media!
  5. I got to play with LinX and Deadblow the other night with Trivium present as well. I hope to see some things out of LinX he's seems like a cool guy to get to know, deff want to play with him more. Deadblow I've known for a while going to keep my eye on them and see how they are doing. Hopefully get to play with them more, and other applicants. Have had a rough time dealing with work and getting back into school things.
  6. I still haven't recovered from my holiday hours, I'm so tired

  7. Galaxyy

    Basher's Ghost App.

    Had fun talking to you yesterday bud! Keep up the good work, and trolling my life
  8. Been seeing him a lot on GTA when I have been on. I miss picking DJAYY for CGNs
  9. Galaxyy

    LinX Motion

    Welcome to vVv! I believe I followed you twitter already! If you have any questions feel free to ask me anywhere about vVv! I hope we can play soon!
  10. Galaxyy

    MrVersace's App

    Welcome to vVv! Good luck on your application! If you have any questions about anything vVv feel free to ask here or via twitter @vVv_Galaxyy! As Legacy said we have the CGN tomorrow night, hope you can make it there where you can meet members and other applicants like yourself!! Good luck once again and welcome to vVv Gaming!
  11. Galaxyy

    vVv applicant- Vall

    Welcome to vVv! Good luck on your application! If you have any questions just ask here or tweet me @vVv_Galaxyy! We have a CGN tomorrow night at 7PM EST hope you can make it! Stay active on the forums and social media as well! Once again welcome to vVv Gaming!
  12. LOL I love my beard even though it's not super grown out.
  13. Welcome to vVv! Good looking app you have there! Feel free to add me on xbox vVv Galaxyy! Stay active on the forums and social media! Good luck!
  14. Hey man! Good luck on your application! If you could try to add some color to your questions and answers it makes it easier and nicer to read! That bad moment is terrible, wow that sounds just insane man. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or via twitter @vVv_Galaxyy! Stay active on the forums and social media! Once again good luck and welcome to vVv Gaming
  15. I saw that as well, Trivium and I saw one the other day in game as well.
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