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    I need to post more!
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    GW2 BABE!!!!
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    METAL (the heavier the better)
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    all things that further my knowledge
  1. all you guys do. its the fellowship and late night Fracs.
  2. zero_sevn


    im in for teq anytime im on.
  3. had an unforeseen vacation fellas but im back now. had to get some things straight in life. thanxs for being vVv.
  4. Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up my homies

  5. This goes out to all members of vVv. i just want to say what a blast ive had with you guys and gals over the past few months. After being in a differant guild at first and getting no true MMO experience out of it, you guys give the true meaning to this genre of gaming and i thank you. I will forever br vVv. Zero_Sevn p.s, if this is the wrong forum for this post i am sorry. new to the posting thing

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