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    DragonTKD reacted to vVv Vall in Dragon vVv CoD App.   
    hey dragon it was fun playing with you and your friend today. Dont worry your map awareness isnt that bad we just need to go over a few callouts  
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    DragonTKD got a reaction from Mrbuzzsaw in Mrbuzzsaw Application   
    Greeting buzzsaw, great to see your interest i cant wait to meet you on mumble and LoL. Also a pointer for you and your app, make your answers a different color then the question so its easier for anyone to read. Again much much welcome to vVv gaming and feel free to join us up on mumble chat.
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    DragonTKD got a reaction from Maniacal in Maniacal Methodology Application   
    Ok so this guy doe. In the whole time that i have been a LOL App i have not had anyone else make me laugh as hard as he does. From sexual pleasure jokes to personal insults. otherwise very good beginner LoL player like me and i believe playing with him will be a very fun journey ahead. Give it up folks for the official future comedian of vVv Gaming. I very much look foward to playing LoL with in the future to come.            
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    DragonTKD reacted to Maniacal in Maniacal Methodology Application   
    Name: Jordan
    Age: 21
    Location: UK
    Summoner name: Maniacal
    What is your current division in ranked? Unranked, just downloaded the game because people in-chat were playing LoL.
    How long have you been playing ranked? Zero Years, Zero Months, Zero Days, Zero Hours, Zero Minutes and Zero seconds (lesser denominations debateable)
    What rank were you at the start of last season? The Best one
    What rank were you at the start of last season? I lost my rank in a bet, now I'm a noob.
    Have you ever been banned in game? Nope. . .However there was this one time, at band camp. . .
    What is your favourite champion and role? Why? Having a ton of experience at this game I have no favourite champion but with other MOBAs I tend to like playing supports or ranged nukers because I like the large array of disables and I like flinging balls out of my hands.
    How did you hear about vVv gaming? I was bored so I Googled 'Gaming community DotA2 mumble server'
    Who do you currently know in vVv gaming? How do you know them? Medusa, Nightbane, IwasGlorified, JayC (apparently the king?). I met them all about 3 hours ago after the aforementioned google.
    Why are you interested in joining vVv gaming? After talking to the people above I thought they were an alright bunch, also they peer-pressured  me into applying.
    What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I enjoy trying speciality teas and coffees and making cocktails. (and answering application forms in a comical fashion)
    Do you have competitive tournament experience? I'm ranked number one in my house, still not signed to a team.
    Have you attended any national events? No I haven't, didn't even hang around to watch the one at Gamescom.
    What do you hope to achieve competitively this season? I plan to learn how to play the game, shouldn't take too long since I play DotA2 but level 30 would be nice.
    Are you interested in finding a ranked 5s team to play on? No aspirations at the moment, just looking for a fun group of people to play with, maybe when I play the game some more we'll see.
    P.S. I could copy and paste the questions from the forum so I had to type them all out, lots of effort which I hope will be appreciated ;p I look forward to your replies.
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    DragonTKD got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in Schizonomic's application for Titanfall. (X1)   
    Hey what's up Karma, glad to see your interest in joining vVv gaming man. if you need more members or applicants to play with on X1 then please feel free to add me and ill be glad to chat or play. I am currently a League of Legends applicant on the pc division of vVv, but i do play xbox one which console gaming is my main source of gaming. Again a warm welcome for you and please feel free to send me a friend request.
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    DragonTKD reacted to vVv Vall in DragonTKD LoL App.   
    oh i love annie soooo much and sure i will  
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    DragonTKD reacted to vVv Vall in Schizonomic's application for Titanfall. (X1)   
    hey hey try changing the color to your question an answer 
    also good luck and remember to stay active 
    also check out our CGNS every Thursday and Saturdays
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    DragonTKD got a reaction from vVv Vall in DragonTKD LoL App.   
    Alright well my titan shall fall on tuesday so ill see you then. 
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    DragonTKD got a reaction from Optimize in xOptimizeVGz COD Community Application   
    same here bro good times good times.

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