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  1. a desire, a dream, a vision. That is my key to success!

  2. Hey vvv folks, so i just want to properly inform that i will be away this weekend as today i will be competing in my final USBC Junior bowling tourney and then if you all don't know, I also race stock cars locally in my state and sometimes for special events throughout a couple local nearby states. The race season opener at the track i race on starts this Sunday and ill be there to compete. However though ill be away from the game for the weekend, i will make sure to periodically check up on the website and maybe even post a little if i get some spare time over the next couple of days. Thank you guys. I gladly hope all you guys have a wonderful weekend and ill see you all again back on the game and fully active again on Monday 5/4 Happy Gaming!
  3. Well first off there mr pretzl tonight as you saw i was actually being very positive about things. though i didnt get to play with you guys tonight thats ok. However in regards to the night your talking about. i do recall that happening and being said yes true but... I was not the only one saying that and if you would have been listening and paying attention then you would have noticed that the whole team was saying that but not in a negative manner. we were all saying that and were joking about it and laughing. yes unfortunately we did end up losing but not as a result of the team talking about losing. So before putting words only into my mouth, please try to pay better attention to who is saying things and how many are saying the same things and what the reactions are which in this case it was a joke from all of us and we were all laughing about it and having a grand time. now again i dont know how many times i need to say this in fact i wont say anything ill go ahead and quote it so maybe it will become more clear on just how much i want to change and become better in my ways not only as a player or a person but as someone that people want to play with and maybe even look up to in the future while here in vvv gaming. so that being said and i quote. now that being said. i am at this point no longer gonna respond or engage myself in anymore negative conversations, comments or feedback as i feel that it will just make matters worse and hold me back further from my goal to keep my promise and become a good/positive future role model, player of vvv gaming that hopefully one day you all can say that wow look at dragon, he has really changed and is standing on his goals and ultimately you guys will be proud of and i can be also proud of myself. so again i wanna thank you all for teaching that positive does very much go a long way and that i can do it and i will.
  4. if some wanna continue being negative then so be it. But let me tell ya something. I hate myself for the negative issues that I have caused here and I didn't fight so hard to get back into vvv for no reason. Now you can believe it or not that is your own issue. However I made a promise to jerry and to this community that I was gonna turn a new leaf and make my time here a positive and enjoyable experience or as we like to say making amazing experiences for the players. for myself and for others so that I can become a better player and person overall. Now that being said I acknowledge that I didn't start back off that way and I was extremely stupid for doing that but I made a promise and I realize that I have been negative and given the wrong impression and that wasn't ok and it's not gonna continue. I am here to step up and show that I can become a good player, good person and a good role model for those around me. Now if you don't mind I would appreciate it if everyone would understand that and actually let me do it and prove it. Now discontinue your negativity toward me because I am done with the drama and negative comments and feedback. Bottom line is new me new positive attitude. over the time that i am here with you all i dam well will prove it and not let you down break my word! Thanks. happy gaming everyone
  5. yes very true sugarbear i agree with that and i am working on fixing things for the better one step and one day at a time.
  6. Yes Jerry i understand that and believe me i do. but as you see i have seriously realized my mistakes and know what i need to do to start making my time here a positive experience not only for myself but for everyone in game and out. There has been a lot of tension and i know that and i plan to fix it. now you can take it as it seem or take it not at all and believe or not. however i have been very stressed out between all that's happened here and outside of gaming and i guess it just brought me to a very tense state of mind and i shouldn't seriously shouldn't have let it be like that and i'm not gonna let it happen again!!
  7. i feel like an absolute peace of crap. the actions and the way i have acted and the mistakes i have made here. that's not me and i know i am better then that and this is from here on a vow to change and fix my mistakes made here and become better not only as a player but as a person and not just that but a person that in my future here i can see people saying wow dragon really has stepped up and changed his ways for the better and i plan on it being just that. you guys have really kicked my stressed out stupid ass into reality and now i need to prove that and i will. that being said, that is a promise to not just you rowdy but to everyone, the apps, members and vvv gaming as a whole!
  8. Well I'm just gonna put this behind me. I do wanna again apologize for my actions tonight cause I feel that it effected everyone in the game. Hopefully later today after I have slept a bit on things. New day new beginning. New me. i am not normally a person to flip out on things and just to be honest guys between the game and my outside life and i have been very stressed out and it hasn't helped and i need to not let that get to and not let myself loose my cool as i did tonight. Take it as it seems or take it not at all. However you choose. I am not here to fool around but I also now realize my mistakes and how I need to fix them if I am gonna succeed here in vvv. and that's to just take the criticism even in game or in a lobby after the game. keep a cool head and just learn from those with higher skill then me. ultimately i just to relax and not react so much to things that actually may and will help me better myself as a player but yet also as a person! Again rowdy what you have helped me learned has made a change in how i play so that's a start. so i am gonna take this time to apologize and promise that change is gonna come both as a player and a person. this ends now and a new me and new beginning starts now. you guys have taught me a very good lesson that now i have very much learned from. gonna now take it day by day and have the success that i set out to achieve here in vVv Gaming!
  9. well my first step would to be getting involved in playing with apps and members but lately that hasn't happened. the past night i was ignored for hours and still never got invited to play so. i am hoping that would improve. i can only get myself involved if people actually help with that or i force my way into being involved. right now im not sure but i promise you i will keep trying to improve and figuring out ways to get involved while here in vvv.
  10. Thank you all for the feedback and for finally concluding the negativity and the discussion entirely. I hope to now and further in the future hear some positive questions, comments, feedback etc. I would like to now ask, that is if you read my entire post. does anyone perhaps have some questions or feedback regarding my About me?
  11. After your application was closed, there was a major incident that took place on Twitch in which you were watching Rowdy's stream. You were pretending to be someone else, even going as far as putting your deceased friend's picture on your twitch and telling us it was a picture of you. There are far more details regarding this specific incident, clarifying that it was in fact you in the Twitch channel, yet you continued lying. What I want to know is why you felt the need to continue pretending to be someone else? What did you expect to gain from lying to us, and do you think that is something that us as vVv members are looking for in someone trying to enter into the community? there are some things in this question that i do not wish to answer and that is why i did not do so. do i think it was ok? NO not at all but i had done it to hopefully protect myself from any negative comments and remarks but that clearly just could not happen. i will leave it at that. I was present for this and would really like and explanation, please. You also made a comment in an 8s lobby stating that the current batch of applicants "wouldn't last". What is your reasoning behind making such a comment? As stated in previous conversations i really don't know why i said that if maybe it may have been a heat of the moment thing i really don't know, but right now and like it has always been i have no issue or problem with anyone app or member. i also feel that there should have been warning first before just dropping someone like that so that should be considered in the future. there really is no reason why i said that and it was just stupid that it was said. What do you feel you have gained or learned from from these experience? being more laid back and honest about things! no more said What most about yourself do you feel you would change? If any at all? Same as above. being more laid back and honest about things! no more said How would you build yourself up as a role model from where you stand now from everyone? living up to the five vvv pillars and extended that knowledge on all newcomers and from now showing that honesty should always be a thing. and that i can live up to what i stand for as seen in my profile on our sight. please for those of you reading this go ahead and look at my about me on my profile and you may see what i am speaking of. What values would you bring into vVv? I feel that there may be a lot of ideas from me in the future that may add some value not what those may be well, all will see as they come to mind and put into actions. And what kind of competitive experience are you hoping to achieve through vVv? my ultimate goal coming into vvv and bring out is to learn how to bring out my very best in every game i play and hopefully make a team and compete in the big leagues. Now folks i am gonna go ahead and take my about me from my profile and put it here so that you all can read it and maybe that will give you a better insight on who i am and what i look to become. Below is my about me and should give you some insight on who i am: Hey vVv Great to be here and among the members. My name is James, i am from Vermont in the united states and i am 20 years. I do a lot of sports and outdoorsman stuff like hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing and more, for sports, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball all of these in varsity team. I am also of course a gamer XBOX ONLY, with some pc playing League of Legends and Dota 2. I play only the COD and Halo series since Cod 4 and Halo 1. I do a Marshall arts called taekwondo which is from Korea and i am a green belt. Now as far as gaming goes i have been playing Xbox for about as long as its been out now and love all the way. I am an Xbox Community Ambassador which i really really enjoy doing that cause it allows me to not just connect with gamer's around the world but also use my knowledge of the console and help them with any problems they may have tech wise. I have been in a couple of other gaming communities up till now and really just come to find that some of them really made me wonder why are they there and some i have gained so much leadership skills from and i have also been a website tech for one of them. So yes i am outdoorsman and well i guess you can say i'm also a nerd FTW. anyway i guess maybe i have said enough if anyone wants to know more or just enjoy the gaming with me just drop me a friend request on Xbox live and lets game like crazy gamertag: ItsDragonzPaw. For now peace out fellow gamer's O yes and so you all know the most important thing in my life is saving lives and protecting my community as a firefighter. This is the motto that not only follow through my life in way that i treat my self and those around me. Courtesy - To conduct in an orderly manner and to assist in building a others noble character the following fundamentals should be practiced: Be polite to one another. Behave according to etiquette. Encourage a sense of justice and humanity. Respect others. Handle situations with fairness and sincerity. Promote a spirit of mutual concessions. Integrity - A person must be able to distinguish between right and wrong. One must have a healthy conscience and listen to it. One should live by moral principles Perseverance - Patience and tenacity make perseverance. One must patiently pursue and tireless work toward his/her goal. As a great man once said, "One who is impatient in trivial matters can seldom achieve success in matters of great importance." Many hours may be spent attempting to perfect a solid mind or leadership. Self Control - Self control should be exercised in all aspects of one's life. Self control is necessary in real life situations, as well. One must control oneself, first, before he/she can take control of a bad situation. Indomitable Spirit - The indomitable spirit is modest and honest. It do not tolerate injustice, and will face the offenders without hesitation or fear, regardless of w ho or how many it may be."It is an act of cowardice to fail to speak out against injustice." For god so loved the world that gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts. "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." I encourage anyone use this in your own life style and the way you conduct yourself around the world and on xbox live/PC. DragonTKD, Out! These are 3 videos that i have lived by for years and have inspired me to be who i am today and do what i do today!
  12. So for the member and apps to know. I believe I have recently spoke of this upcoming weekend for me. That said. I will not be online this coming weekend and reason is that I have my last and final junior gold usbc vt Pepsi bowling tournament and then on Sunday the 2015 act and new England short track stock car racing season starts and as you all may or may not know that I race stock cars on short track racing here in vt and I share a car with a friend who has been a racing partner with me for a number of years and we rotate races. I also work for the track that I go to and also pit crew when I'm not racing. So anyways some other good news I have thought about possibly having a good friend of mine make me a vvv gaming number decal for my race car so that I can show my dedication to vvv and at the same time promote the community to the outside public. Please tell me if you think it would be a good idea as a way to promo vvv? So folks I hope you all will cheer me in this week cause I am gonna need all the luck I can get and achieved lol
  13. ok Rowdy so i admire your questions and i feel that most of what is coming out of it is asking me how i plan to achieve my goals here. well the bottom line is this wait, listen and watch and you will then see how through my action. That being said i asked and will request again that " once i answer the questions asked that then there be NO MORE discussion of this topic" Now as much as i want to spend another hour writing, well i feel that we are not moving forward as promise after me taking the time to thoughtfully answer everything. i have to say though some of your questions above if you look back and read again through my answers then you may see that i have in a way answered the new ones. Do you believe up to this moment in time you have felt your actions have set the best example? No not at all What do you feel you can do differently to make sure you are setting the best example? please refer to the 3rd question you rowdy asked me and thats my plan for the future What is one of your weakest points that you could improve upon to make sure you are setting the best example? please refer to the 2nd question as asked by b easy and my answer is there. What have you done in the past that you plan on re framing from doing in the future? refer once again to the questions and answers from me above. If you had one shot at proving to everyone that you do plan on being the best you can be how would you go about doing so? living up to my goals and visions that i either have now or that i will come up with as we move on. or those that you see i have spoken of to jerry that are quoted above. From your above statement that you said to Jerry over FB do you feel like you have lived up to that and how do you plan on achieving that? i would ask that you wait and let me show you how vs tell you. cause i can tell you how all day but that doesnt mean anything so i much rather move forward and let you see on your own. now when i said that " Now i hope that this issue will now and FOREVER be RESOLVED AND NEVER SPOKEN OF AGAIN, this being said with no disrespect. I do not want to be asked anything about my past issues here in vvv anymore as i believe that they are now answered and made CLEAR." I now would like to again say that i no longer want to drag this topic on as i believe it will just hold me back and i would like to from here on out answer questions given about here and now and NOTHING Relating or in regards to anything above on this topic. i want you all to just from now sit back relax and enjoy the actions that i bring positive to vvv gaming. again though i do say i welcome any and all questions about me personally or gaming based the relate to today and beyond and NOTHING in regards to what should be a now PAST and resolved topic. Thanks guys I also want to extend and very big thank you to jerry for all that you have done to make this community and for taking the time to talk to me about said issues and getting this resolved and to those in it who make it what it is today and always will. also a thank you to Bizkit, vall, pretzl, easy, rowdy, for taking your time tonight for talking to me on skype chat and bringing hopefully peace to this subject and peace of mind to you guys. thank you guys and i owe you my utmost gratitude for that. Point being i will from here out live up to the standards and needs of Vision, Valor, Victory Gaming so now a new chapter begins!
  14. IN RESPONSE TO VVV B EASY I've heard two different stories regarding your attending of Columbus in 2013. You were an applicant at the time and after the event you told the CoD division members that you attended as a spectator and had some interaction with another applicant, but no members. Within the last two weeks you told myself and Rowdy that you attended Columbus as a coach, gave us your team name and what your team "placed" in the event. After looking over the event results, your team didn't exist on the bracket. Do you have some way of clearing this up? Yes true that i went to spectate at Columbus but not compete, do i plan on competing in future events yes and i do not wish to asked how i plan to do so, so please refrain from that. i saw members and apps of vvv while attending the event. however i did not make any approach as i was actually there with 2 of my personal local friends and that is not because i am anti social because in fact i am very very social just not on that day. i was there to hang out with my 2 friends and spectate that is all. have i help " in a sense coached players and small beginner teams to help them get better and hopefully compete. yes that i have done. have i competed with teams of my own on an online tournament setting and GB/UMG ladders yes i have but never at a LAN event. i have however spectated most if not all events there have been through the years so that part is true but just spectating and to add that with yes one small team that was me and a few personal friends i have competed at local ( in my state ) LAN events that most were just put together by some local businesses one being put on privately by a few staff of my local gamestop 2 times and i only participated in 1 of them and spectated the other but those events were not really made public through media but mostly through little things like fliers and some social media like Facebook not twitter. There was also an incident in which you told me and Rowdy that you were given the go ahead on a particular idea that you actually hadn't been given any approval on. I'm just curious if this was simply a miscommunication on your part, or if you were just trying to get other people on board with your idea prior to actually talking to management? Straight to the point future ideas of mine will be presented in order as such if NOT AT ALL and this of course would be good advice for anyone new or not. 1st through the forum threads a post will be made and then 2nd a verbal whether Skype or mumble conversation on the ideas IN RESPONSE TO ROWDYDEVAN When we were in the lobby of 8's, you stated "I am tired of all these applicants coming in and thinking they run everything." I have a problem with that because all we did was remove you from the call because you were not playing and we did not want any other back ground chatter going on. You seem to lose your temper when things do not go your way. As stated in previous conversations i really don't know why i said that if maybe it may have been a heat of the moment thing i really don't know, but right now and like it has always been i have no issue or problem with anyone app or member. i also feel that there should have been warning first before just dropping someone like that so that should be considered in the future. When your application was closed you stated "If this is true then this is B***S***" and then you then blocked and deleted a lot of the members and applicants. Why would anyone want to call someone like that a teammate or a member for that matter? Yes true that i had blocked all contacts on skype but not on xbox for the safety of letting things cool down before anything else negative came out of this ordeal, but i only unfriended people on xbox live not block and also to mention that i had not been on xbox live since my app was closed due to of course my job and in real life matters. You need to strive to be someone that others take advice from and should set the example for new applicants. Do you really feel that you set a good example? For this i will use the example and quote given in a recent comment of mine and from the recent conversation with jerry and this will tell you why i think and know i can, will and am a good current and future example for future apps and such, " well to start with, I have been a very big fan of vvv gaming since 2009 and through watching past stream etc. of vvv. when i first applied for vvv gaming in black ops 2. I really appreciated the meaning and motives on the community such as what i read in the five pillars and through feeling very welcome by all the members which is really hard to find in any other gaming community. I have always been interest in competitive esports through the past 8 years of halo and CoD,i have also competed a bit over the years, spectated events and also there have even been times that i have met new team and offer my knowledge to help them get better and achieve there dream of being pros. My goal for my time in vvv gaming is to come up with new ideas and new ways to help better the community and at the same time learn from others to gain new skills in and out of game for being both a player and a future leader maybe that being a future vvv gaming staff member. My ultimate goal for this is to do anything that i can to make an amazing experience and an amazing home for other players in and out of vvv gaming with the same passion and drive that myself and vvv gaming to strive to live by in and out of competitive gaming. " Now i hope that this issue will now and FOREVER be RESOLVED AND NEVER SPOKEN OF AGAIN, this being said with no disrespect. I do not want to be asked anything about my past issues here in vvv anymore as i believe that they are now answered and made CLEAR. however i say this, if whom it may concern whether your a new app, current already app, or even member of vvv gaming i welcome you to asked me questions about my CURRENT non gaming life that being personal questions such as oooo idk maybe whats your favorite color ( btw mine is red ) or just anything you feel curious about to know or even things relating to my CURRENT gaming life whatever that may be. I prefer that if you do have questions please just approach me on skype or xbox and then you can actual hear me tell you about myself in accordance to what you wanna know and i promise i dont bite and of course also put it on my app and ill answer it there to so that you get to hear me answer your questions but then everyone can know to by me typing it on here. Here are 2 quotes i live by and the 2nd one can also relate to gaming to: Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts. "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." ( yes i blew up those 3 things for a reason ) Can you guess why? Answer in your comments below) I also please please ask for anyone to refer to my profile on the website and that will really explain to you who i am and what i am about! Please feel free to then come back to my app after reading my profile and leave some feedback and comments of what you saw here is a link to my profile that should encourage you: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/user/43973-dragontkd/ Alrighty well i hope that this will clean the slate and end this case FOREVER and that so we can all look to the future and be one big happy Competitive gaming Organization together. MAKING AMAZING EXPERIENCES FOR COMPETITIVE GAMERS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF vVv GAMING!
  15. IN RESPONSE TO VVV SACRED yes i feel that would be a fantastic but yet as the skype went tonight it may be just a waste of my time and others time so prepare for a book to be writtena dn after as a result i hope to never here of these issues again so we can move on to success. STAY TUNED FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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