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  1. ill be sure to do that. who are the file share matches against tho?
  2. We've played together. You were on Skyline's team
  3. Great player! He's on my Halo team at this time and we both go to school together. He is a person that stays dedicated to something, so I'm sure he'll be with vVv for the long run. Good luck with your app bro! He is a beast sniper too btw Good luck again
  4. i've decided i'm just going to start out my team as a casual gaming team and work my way up. my team needs to get some chemistry with eachother, and much time playing scrims and gb
  5. im actually confident about getting in. *knock on wood* lol
  6. thanks everyone for the comments!
  7. im getting into halo competively. so yeah, ill be sure to add you
  8. well, i appreciate that you told me that you appreciate it like i told u a while back, patience is key. my young padawan.
  9. by the way, i just realized that im good at 1st persons, not 3rd
  10. LMAO. i am very bad at gears of war, i must admit. BUT I AM GOOD AT OTHER SHOOTERS! lol thanks for the comments everyone!
  11. best sig maker i think here at vVv. only real competition is lithium. great sigs volcom. i think he would contribute greatly for graphic design for vVv. keep up the good work!
  12. great guy. played some gears with him lately. idk how good he is at gears but he is def. a cool guy
  13. great guy. played some gears with him lately. idk how good he is at gears but he is def. a cool guy
  14. thanks inferno your probably the most entertaining to me by far. lol good times
  15. thank you stormzz, nice playing gears with you for the first time

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