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  1. Ive been playing it almost non-stop since I downloaded it. The game is amazing.
  2. vVv_SilverSpoon http://steamcommunity.com/id/therealmia/
  3. I support this. I would be down for some sick Rocket League action (Plus I have 7 friends who would join vVv if we had a Rocket League division.)
  4. I want to learn how to Support better. I mean given the gods like Athena I can be a baller. But there are a few that I still can't quite grasp. I also like to play Scylla, Neith, and Bastet cuz they cute. IGN: SilverVSpoon Role: Support Gods: Any? Available: Get at me.
  5. That was nice. Now next time do it without gettin shot ;D
  6. CS:GO. A game I can watch games and talk about for DAYS.

    1. vVv Saturn

      vVv Saturn

      a few weeks ago i would disagree, but now HELL YEAH!!

  7. Knife Games, those are always fun. Or maybe like do a whole match with nothing but the base pistol and grenades >.> That would be fun too. Community In-house games like we do for League would be awesome too!
  8. This....This just made my day.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/therealmia/
  10. I am down for some Nosgoth Division. So long as I get to help out in some way. I've been playing Nosgoth since the first closed Beta and love the game.
  11. I am going to no-life the hell out of this game LOL. It is going to be a huge time-sink for me I can feel it.
  12. I Don't think anyone really needs balanced yet. The game just needs room to grow and people to figure out all the quirks of the charaters.
  13. Sundown you max her heal first and her ardent censer lol
  14. I didn't get your add on league :c there is a space between my vVv and Silverspoon. You should leave your tag there too so people can find you

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