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  1. i mean i was on a pro taco making team once lol
  2. As a former DM on the vVv scene I do recall a handful of people trying to pull this stuff. They did admit they were wrong and then they were absolutely brutally destroyed in their respected games on CGN or 8's lobbies..
  3. also heard that vVv POWERBOTTOM was reapplying
  4. Heard papabear was coming back..........
  5. what's this a reunion tour?
  6. Legacyyy


    welcome to the vVv forums! glad to see you dropped an application here! this was once my home as well! if you have any questions just ask and im sure anybody will be willing to assist you on the app process! good luck!
  7. Legacyyy

    JS93's Application

    Hey man! Welcome to the app process of vVv Gaming! Pretty good looking application! I'm Matt aka Legacyyy. If you need anything feel free to ask! Add me on xbox if youd like CrKs Legacyyy. Also remember to stay active on forums and social media! Good luck and ill see ya around!
  8. tomorrow after town hall meeting, thursday i work late, friday im off at 8est saturday off at 6est ill be around pretty much everyday except thurs
  9. Do you feel like you've been representing vVv to the best of your ability? so far yes, it will get better now that traveling has slowed down! What game will be your primary focus in the Xbox Division? CoD (even though moved to ps4), smite and halo 5 What are your plans for this game? i pla to play competitively in certain games (gbs/mlgs etc), but also for fun Do you plan on reaching out to other people in said game, to bring them into vVv? yes i do! Do you feel like you are currently adding value and how? advertising, gaming, will be streaming soon, also reaching out to players for recruiting. What are your plans to add value in the future? attending as many events as possible to photograph/record video! Now some questions about the division and other members: What are some things that you think could improve the division moving forward into all the new releases? members who have the V's should be more active on forums with apps and also should play more with apps! as a former member its sad to see 4-6 actual members play with apps on a regular basis! What ideas do you have that will bring players in and keep them here? keep so sort of competition in the division! sounds good homie ill be there!
  10. started the art of beard? i had a beard when you were in kindergarten lol... step your beard game up little boy then come talk to me... pony tail beads were cool in the 80s
  11. get em Heynous! You guys oughta know this beard aint going anywhere! I trim it up just to keep it shapely!
  12. thanks man! ive been here before and i regret leaving lol but hopefully itll all work out!

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