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  1. love the game, fun to play with friends as well and the maps and weapons seem alright.
  2. Can't wait, need to get that grind on
  3. nice guy to play with good experienced player, keep it up man and you'll get known
  4. really nice guy to play with and a good player, hope to play with you more
  5. i'll try to make it, but hopefully i will be there most nights
  6. boobs oh and yeah what n3ptune said i agree
  7. optimize i remember you were in a 8s lobby a while back and i think it was n3ptune who said "why don't you sit out and record" and you replied with "i wont to play". Now i'm not bashing you for the fact that you wanted to play that's good, but if you want to record videos of vVv applicants/members 8s would be the perfect time to do it. I also recall bizkit, not long ago, telling you who you could ASK to let them record you and if i'm not mistaken i was one of them and and you never asked me. (sorry if i got the quotes wrong, i remember it been someone in an 8s lobby and n3ptunes always in them)
  8. ^ that hit the nail on the head, there is countless of times I've invited members who have free space to see if they wanted to play but never received anything back is higher than it should be, this does not included a lot of members but they're some out there who thing cause they are green or they have been in vVv a long time don't have to play with some applicants or can pick and chose who they want to play with and leave people out. This is not a a playground where you leave someone out because you don't like them, grow up and stop acting 5. This is a community and people should play together and not leave others out because one person doesn't like them.
  9. hey welcome to vVv a little tip that you can do is change your answers to different colours so they stand out more. Another tip is after ten posts you will be able to chat in the shout box, this means you will be able to talk to other members/applicants and communicate with the community more. Also create a twitter, this is a grate way of helping promote vVv and it's sponsors. If you haven't already download kik for apple, android and other devices. Good luck with your application
  10. sadly i wont be able to attend any, i'm saving my money to to go on a holiday with my friends.
  11. i know that not all focus can be on the EU side of things all i'm saying is i see little to non support from members, staff and applicants towards this new growth.
  12. all i'm saying if vVv want to make an impact in EU and other parts of the world like they do in America then they should help support the grwoing side of it, not send applicants to do it by their own. you ask me what other ways can i add value, other than trying to recruit in the EU i have nothing, i hardly play with members and when i do i've got nothing to about, over the last month the only members i have spoke to(in depth) and played with are legacy, chadd, triv, you, methris, i know that time zones might be a problem but if you think how many members vVv have only only 5 of them are playing with EU applicants then whats the point of trying to gain a step in the EU side of E-Sports.

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