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  1. I was responding to Zody, I apologize and I won't post again. I'm sure Sugarbear can help you with anything you need.
  2. *3rd Chance, I hope Neptune gets in. I had a great time with him in the past when he was a member and at Cbus. I just felt the things he said in the past shouldn't just be swept under the rug because they looked bad on vVv and I care about vVv. We can now move on from that and he can continue his application process. If I saw any applicant post similar things on social media in the past I would've went about it the same way, not give him special treatment because I knew him. Love you Neptune
  3. "Hey Soap, I know historically you've been prone to emotional reactions that have caused you to make some bad decisions in your public social media. I want to know what you've done to correct this so that this behavior won't be repeated in the future?" I'm sorry but I had to, lol.
  4. Sup man, very nice app, loved the 1v4 clutch. Good luck to ya and hope to see on XBL soon!
  5. Welcome back and good luck man! Always be as active as possible. See you around.
  6. Nice app man, as soon as I get the one I'm down to GB with you and Easy everyday.
  7. I remember you, played against you in PGL Doubles. I was playing with Crispee, we beat you guys then you disputed and got the win, not very nice.
  8. KBreezy


    Nice playing with ya today, good luck dude. Maybe I'll share my hacks with you someday
  9. Sounds good, I'll check my work schedule then pm you the specific times. Thanks
  10. I usually work friday nights til around 10 pm, would be down for some late nights 8s XD
  11. 1) To get my new computer and get my stream active. 2) I feel like I'm very talented in game(especially on host, lol) but I feel like I have a good knowledge and experience in this game. 3) I get better every night, especially when playing with greens. I play with greens everyday whether it's 8s, GBs, or tourneys.

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