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  1. STILL LOOKING Current roster Top : vVv Pherz Jungler : Mid Adc : stb Support :
  2. so im looking to start up a team. high golds and plat +, If we get enough people there will be a team a and a team b. If this sounds like something that may interest you please comment!! WE WILL BE PLAYING 5 DAYS A WEEK. We will have a schedule and a google doc page for comps, best champs and all.
  3. nothing much is going on these days,

  4. nothing much is going on these days,

  5. nothing much is going on these days,

  6. nothing much is going on these days,

  7. Would you do one of me on tristana?!
  8. looking to make serious team (season4/5 bound)

  9. stb


    how do i get that sugarbear picture when i post on a forum?
  10. DJ HERO is the best!!! will there be a ournament agains?
  11. Can someone help me out please! i can't seem to be able to find out were to type in the shoutbox

    1. Magicmooch


      need to make 10 forum posts for the shoutbox to be unlocked for you.

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