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    I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
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  1. when you get on message me

  2. Ditto! My Summoner's name is XEmberX, hmu!
  3. I PLAY!!!! ADD XEmberX Livestream Link = http://www.justin.tv/xemberx#/w/1075511280/2
  4. i figured people would like to watch
  5. check out my stream! http://www.justin.tv/xemberx#/w/1028034640/4
  6. whats your gtag, ill tell marsh that ull hit him up?

  7. welcome to da team sexy

  8. im shady but ur xbox breaks magically before events, how many have u weasled your way out of now?

  9. aubilities got kicked for not buying a shirt and taking it to an event, i already have one that i got for free. At meadows, i watched your team play...as for d-riding you? I have no clue that tryin to be friends since u were near my house was d-riding. ur trying to start a fight....dont. speaking of d-riding, didnt u d-ride me to get on my first page gb team? lmao once again, kys

  10. hey bro sorry about fatalities connection....it does suck and we dropped him for vVv Defined. About the melee, he does it cause it works. Thanks for the compliment and good luck to ur team

  11. great team, i have played against them several times. They are solid, they are pretty chill, and they know what they are doing. Carson and Devill are the best combo ive seen in this game. Good luck guys
  12. Ashes

    Hear7z App

    Great Player and Great Friend. Would DEFINITELY add value to vVv. He goes 110% on anything he dedicates himself to (like stealing my torque on Avalanche during pickup scrims). Best of luck Hear7z! Stay ACTIVE!!!
  13. hea7z is my buddy woot!

  14. ashes torque > any other

  15. nice about me, u like bands i like haha im still the original "Ashes" though <3

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