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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Caleb Stutzman
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    McCool Junction, Nebraska
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    o I Abusive I o
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    COD: Black Ops, COD: Black Ops II, Halo 4
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    Fried Chicken
  • Favorite Movies
    A lot of Action movies and Marvel Movies
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    All kinds besides "the oldies"
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    I like going trail riding on my dirtbike and quads. I'm pretty much an adrenaline junkie
  1. Abusive

    Abusive's Application

    I did come late but i had my backpack on and i was on top of my game against Legend =P.
  2. Abusive

    Methris Application

    You have a nice beard =D
  3. Indeed we are Luke... Indeed we are lol
  4. Abusive

    x25xquinton app

    Nice look app bro! Always good playing with you lol. Btw remove someone so i can freakin add you already!
  5. Abusive

    Abusive's Application

    Thanks Luke and quinton <3 <-- no homo for the heart btw
  6. Nice app dude! looks good lol. Looking forward to playing more with you once i can connect ^.^... Welcome to the vVv Community bro!
  7. Abusive

    B Easy's Application

    Good day of Cod and minecraft with you bud! lol you app looks soo much more better than mine! Good luck!
  8. Very nice application dude! very easy to read! Good luck bud <3 (no homo) =D
  9. Abusive

    Bossy Application

    Good luck on your app! i cant wait to play with you =P. and Welcome!
  10. Good luck and welcome to the community =D
  11. Abusive

    Bryant Moe's App

    Also change the color of your text to make it more visible other than that good luck and welcome to the community
  12. Nice app and Good luck... Also welcome to the vVv community =D
  13. Good luck on your app man and welcome to the community =D

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