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    xxMrToastxxx got a reaction from RoBoCoX in BraveLilCoward's Application   
    Solid looking app, Must be hard to have a bro in vVv and to bring something better. but good luck on your application.
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    xxMrToastxxx reacted to Addiction in xxMrToastxxx Application   
    Welcome to vVv and good luck on your application! If you have any questions about your application, the endorsement system, or vVv in general, feel free to message any staff member (they are easily recognized by their dark or light purple color in the shoutbox), or make a post here.
    To have a successful application, we encourage you to fill out your “about me” page in your profile along with uploading a personal picture to your forum avatar. You should also add the gamertag "vVv CoD" and add "vVv Applicant" in your motto on Xbox Live.
    vVv Gaming encourages you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter, and follow our Twitch TV channel!
    vVv Gaming runs Call of Duty Community Nights on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 p.m. EST on Xbox Live. Send a private message to vVv Shadow on the vVv Gaming forums to get involved.
    Feel free to hop into Mumble so you can get to know our other community members and play games. Mumble is not mandatory for Call of Duty applicants, but is strongly encouraged. If you need help connecting or have issues with mumble look here.
    Also, if you go on vacation or have personal issues and won't be online on Xbox or our website for awhile, be sure to fill out a post in this section on our forums. This prevents your application from being closed if you have to be away for awhile. 
    Don't forget to checkout all the topics above the shoutbox because they contain important news and information as well as a complete list of all of the members of vVv Gaming.
    Again, Welcome and Good Luck!
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    xxMrToastxxx reacted to Deadblow in xxMrToastxxx Application   
    Awesome app! good luck and I Havent played yugioh TCG in years... or MTG TCG however still have the decks.
    PS, your answer to "What do you hope to achieve, Competitively" sounds like a verse from pokemon the origional theme song intro lol
    Game On

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