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    Eric Broman
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    All COD's, All Gears of War
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    Gaming, I Love to play xbox majority of all day, and along side that I like computers building them and fixing them.
  1. 1 tweep followed me in the past week. Feels great! Do you also want to feel awesome? Check out http://t.co/6ORHGINLvM

  2. Good luck on your app, as the other member stated add more to your answers and i recommend that you put some color in your app to make it easier to read.
  3. Back to the top lets get some more question or something lol
  4. Solid looking app, Must be hard to have a bro in vVv and to bring something better. but good luck on your application.
  5. I like the comment "Take over the World", Good job on your application. Stay active so your application does not get closed and good luck
  6. xxMrToastxxx

    Xenos' Application

    I would recommend that you add some color to you application, so that is easier to read. Good Luck on your app btw
  7. As what the other member said elaborate on your answers and add picture and some color to your application. Im down to play sometime pm me on xbox xxMrToastxxx
  8. thanks,awesome will follow you on twitter.
  9. Thank you for the very use full information.
  10. you should add some color to your application, so it is easier to read and good luck on your applicaiton.
  11. Good luck on application, you should add some color to make it easier to read.
  12. Welcome to site, Good Luck on application.
  13. Good luck with your application, you did forget to answer one question on your application, and what methris said put some color in there to make it easier to read and stay active on the boards. good luck again.
  14. lol, If it stated COD moment, But it said competitive Moment well the worst moment I had was last night on Yemen S and D i pulled a doghnut lol

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