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    Welcome to the community! I told you everyone would be helpful with links and such. Below are 2 i happen to think help you to know what will be expected of you hopefully we can game soon! In the meantime stay active.in the forums and.join in the community game nights

    The Five Pillars of vVv Gaming http://www.vvv-gamin...-of-vvv-gaming/

    What is a vVv Gamer http://www.vvv-gamin...is-a-vvv-gamer/
    If you need anything I am usually always lurking here or you can always catch me on twitter Good luck!
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    you can find these here m8
    i hope that gves you all the info you need m8...

    thereby i wanna wish you the best of luck with youre app if you have 10 posts you can use the forum shoutbox..
    remind that vVv will not tolerate spam..

    good luck with youre app and hope to see you online soon
    feel free to add me, my gamertag is TG DuTcHieSss...
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    Thanks a lot guys. I'm a forum whore (for lack of better term) so I plan on being very active on here and I play xbox if not everyday then every other day. So I hope to meet a lot of you and have fun playing.

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