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  1. Good luck on the app man.
  2. Jwho

    SnP Pandemonium

    Good luck on the app
  3. Jwho

    Jwho vVv Application

    Sup breezy haven't played with you in a while hope to game it up soon
  4. Hey bro good luck on the surgery tomorrow hope to hear you'll be able to play soon
  5. Good luck on the app man
  6. Welcome to the community man GL with the app
  7. Jwho

    SMDR942 application 2

    Good luck on the app man. I see your from MD what part? I'm from there as well.
  8. Jwho

    Jwho vVv Application

    No doubt body. I got you man
  9. Jwho

    Methris Application

    Good playing with you again bro
  10. Jwho

    Jwho vVv Application

    Yea bro for sure! It was crazy knowing your from 2 miles down the road lol. We will def play again!
  11. Jwho

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    Didn't know you was a Jersey girl. Nice to see the reapp. Good luck and hope to play with u some time.
  12. Welcome to the community. Good luck on the app
  13. Jwho

    Zombi3xHitman App

    Nice playing LP with you the other day man

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