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  1. When I first join this organization I was really excited for the heavy support that was shown to the CoD community, as of recent though I feel that the support is lacking and that we are stuck in downhill spiral. This feeling as caused me to lose my urge to actually play anything competitive or the game for that matter unless its getting on to have some fun with snipers, so with that being said I know there are changes coming, but at this time I don't see them being effective enough to keep me around at this time. Plus I also feel I need to focus more on school as I am finishing up my degree and need to start focusing on getting a job that I can focus on for my career and future. I would like to thank everyone who I have met from this great community and would still enjoy playing with those who would like to keep me as a friend I do wish vVv the best of luck in the year of the competitor and who knows maybe ill be back as some time.
  2. This is right on I know LoL does something like this and it is important for the apps to know one another but its very important for the apps to know the members.
  3. I will state that I have not played with many of the new applicants and the ones I have played with frankly show little value right now nor are they at a level I feel would be acceptable of getting a pre-interview. I think a lot of applicants are forgetting that they need to be adding the members of the division in order to get in game time and I think that needs to be part of the post accepting their application.
  4. That's what I'm saying is tahvvy is missing the point I play 8s with all the green guys and have played against them and no they don't try, we play the game and when we have applicants in game we don't care if they are going positive we are judging them on who well they might fit in the community. So no going positive in 8s doesn't prove anything to me as far as if they deserve green again they need to challenge like the rest of us.
  5. My only thing on applicant going straight green is we judge applicants differently because honestly I know our current green guys don't try in 8s and for sure don't in pubs. So really I don't see any applicant being on the same level as any of the green members unless a team of applicants got together and scrimmed the green guys then you could say they are on the same level. But unless that happens I would think this would go red and then get to try out like the rest do.
  6. Saint hasn't been active because he lost his mom like a week or two ago so he's still kinda out of sync we need to give him some time.
  7. I started this post and I'm going to put an end to my part I pointed out two members who I felt did not deserve the green tag because I felt that it was reserved for the players who are green right now. I am red for a reason and yes although I hate it I know I have improved greatly since being part of this community, and I will be the first to tell you I am no were close to the same level as body or fatal or any of those guys. But I feel that I work extremely hard even in 8s to improve myself and I have my games where I look horrible and should not be in the same lobby, but I know that I call out and play the game as a team member which is the objective of the game, and on the games where I go positive or even then great. I think that if you asked me if I deserved green because I feel I am elite I'd say no cause any team I field is not gonna beat those guys it might be close but we will not win. However I do think that if it's based on the slim knowledge we all have of the game and did we effectively demonstrate our ability to work as a team, and display we know the callouts and choke points of a map then I can't make the decision that is up to those choosen by leadership and if they deem me fit for a green tag great if not then fine. I know that if there's an 8s lobby going ill still get invited because I want to get better and they all know that, and that's the point of this all no matter our color we have all proven we belong here and if we truly want to help one another and help those who are interested in joining then color shouldn't mean a damn thing. Body and Neptune can back me on this, but in my first few weeks of being an applicant I watched their team at the time scrim and body asked me what I saw as flaws in his game and of the team and I pointed them out and he agreed. That showed me then that it doesn't matter elite or not this community is about helping one another no matter the level of the player.
  8. I think what Shayne is saying is we know there is a system being worked out and that it does take time but it would be good to be given some kind of heads up as we have to be able to get a team of 4 who are ready and get some practice in to make sure that we are ready, and as it stands right now we can't plan anything because we don't know anything. In my case I work at 430 in the morning so I go to bed early and if I need to make time to play late a heads up would be nice, thats all we are asking is just a possible set of times so we can make plans just like the evaluation team needs to make plans.
  9. I agree with what shayne said I know y'all are staff but that doesn't mean you've earned the green which is associated with being a competitive player.
  10. Look I'm not trying to cause ripples but honestly there out those members of us who have done nothing but be competitive and become the best and there those member now who at green that shouldn't be there no matter if they are staff or not. Applicants are her because they want to be better but how are member suppose to play with them if they can't take the simple step of adding members? It's easy to say members aren't doing anything if we are focused on steeping up our game and preparing for an event and not playing with apps if they don't add us? I'll invite any app to 8s but if I'm playing with my team I'm playing with them and that's it, which is more than I can say for a few guys who are in it for themselves and got green because they went to cbus.
  11. AOK_Forever - This guy... Um... yeah... He has good gun skill. Has no idea how to play as a team (At least he didn't during the 6 games we played yesterday) where he flipped the spawns so he could get more kills even though we were "instructing" him not to. His twitter is vVv_Forever, I have sent him a message regarding this and others (Prior to him creating his twitter account) have already told him that he cannot use the V's until/IF he gets in. He is rather annoying in lobbies even after being told to keep it down while we are playing.
  12. I agree with what everyone has said so far, frosty if your going to call any of us out do it don't sit there and say applicants are doing more than members, then I think your very mistaken. If these applicants can not send FR to members which I agree with tech is at least a minimum of getting in and showing interest then why should I go adding them to play with them? As for social media I don't post a lot on there but I do retweet and have at least all the CoD members added on my lists and will follow anyone who follows me. So before you start pointing out members look at the applicants and see what they are doing to do what they are suppose to be doing and, then call us out by name we are adults and at least we will act like it.
  13. Methris

    MrVersace's App

    Welcome and good luck with your application, best way to start getting use to the community is by getting in some games with us so make sure you are adding the members as many as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to get to know you and how you play. As said before we are all here to help in anyway we can so don't hesitate to ask for help.
  14. Methris

    vVv applicant- Vall

    Welcome and good luck with your application, best way to start getting use to the community is by getting in some games with us so make sure you are adding the members as many as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to get to know you and how you play. As said before we are all here to help in anyway we can so don't hesitate to ask for help.
  15. Welcome and good luck with your application make sure that you have read over the Five pillars and that you are active around the forums as that is a big part of showing dedication to earning your V's...Also feel free to hit any of us to get in some games out side of the CGN and if you have any questions we are all here to help.

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