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  1. So these last few weeks I have spent a wealth of time thinking about my place here in vVv and my life in general. And after some reflection I came to a decision that wasn't very easy to come to. But I feel like I have to do this and I guess I owe it to you guys to explain to you why: vVv Gaming is a place full of hard working, amazing people who are giving their best effort everyday to help this place grow and prosper. In turn it is only fair that they get the same amount of effort in return from the others around them. That is the only way that vVv can truly experiance that growth and prosperaty. But to do that this place needs everyone doing their part. And to be honest I have not being doing mt part for quite some time. It isn't fair to anyone, personal issues or not, that I sit on my ass and allow others to work while I do nothing. So I made the decision to leave because I think it is the right thing to do. I only want to be in vVv if I know I am giving it 100 percent. Anything less is a disservice to this community and the people in it. And I know I can't give that amount of effort, not while I run and hide from the issues that have hindered me my entire life. I need to make a change in my life and to make that change I will need to put my all in it. It's something that I can't run from that any more. And to stay here, knowing I would be in the same situation a week or month from now, would be doing just that. Maybe one day I will venture back and try again when I get to that point of change. When I am ready to work just as hard or even harder than everyone here. Until then I would like to thank everyone at vVv who welcomed me. accepted me, and allowed me this oppurtunity to be apart of this wonderful community. To Deadaim you are an amazing dude, and I can even find the words to thank you enough. Sugarbear, Bizkit, Vall, Skippy, Phryme, and everyone else...you are all bosses and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won't say goodbye but until we meet again.
  2. Xero Envy


    Been interested in getting it and playing a bit, not sure yet.
  3. The moves of my enemies. *long pause* And maybe an actual book at some point.
  4. Never played SC2 but I am sure there are some players out there. Hope you find them!
  5. Saw this on the XB1 for the upcoming beta. Can't wait to play it and fail.
  6. Well Halo is on the come up lately, so maybe those skills can return in the future.
  7. Been playing Dragon Age all week and I love it. If you can afford it then I'd suggest getting it.
  8. I want to fight you in a childen's card game!
  9. Ah if only I had the PC version, I would join in. Good luck though!
  10. Thought about it until my wallet reminded me I was broke.
  11. Vall is a beast no questions. Also congrats on getting the final interview, Matter!
  12. Xero Envy

    Cap Application

    I subbed to your channel. I always like finding new people on youtube.
  13. Good luck! I love the excitement people are showing to compete.
  14. I am thinking that some pros, who struggled with Ghosts a little, will be in better form for AW.
  15. It can't come soon enough. I have a feeling that the pros are feeling the same way too.
  16. Xero Envy

    SeanW application

    Everyone falls of the horse sometimes. Good luck on getting back on.
  17. Xero Envy

    iProzy app

    Congrats on the pre-interview!!!!! Also I love the sig Wootang.

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