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  1. vVv RobZ

    vVv Application

    Dude A+ app!
  2. Yeah this is what I am trying out for.
  3. Yeah dude that app is amazing lol, fun playing with you, great player right here!
  4. vVv RobZ

    u4iX Application

    GL with your app
  5. vVv RobZ

    SeWp On iT's App.

    Why talk shit though, I dont want to get involved,GL with your app.
  6. Yeah Rumbler made this amazing sig and I think he did a great job. Thank You
  7. Dude I love your sig, great shotty, hope to be playing with you later on tonight some more
  8. Hey I hope we all get in its been so fun playing wit all you.
  9. Good all around guy hes beast, lol but not as beast as me. lol jp
  10. Beast Shotty, Dispite age GL
  11. vVv RobZ

    Box's App

    Good luck, fun playing with you yesterday.
  12. vVv RobZ

    I AdReNaLiN3 I

    vVv Eminence is a great team, wish you luck with your tournament.
  13. I have played with you before.

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