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  1. 3 hours ago, vVv Hoagie said:

    Call outs can be tricky as some spots have multiple names and which one is used depends on who you are playing with. Luckily for most of the areas the name for them is displayed underneath the compass at the top of the screen.

    Spawn points are VERY weird in this game. Even with the perfect setup the enemy team can still spawn with you and your team.

    I just made a big post with each map overview with each point marked and the names listed below the image for all CDL Hardpoint maps.

    SnD setups come with playing and reviewing footage from top AM teams and Pros. I'm more than willing to go over SnD setups.

    As for class setup it depends on what you prefer (AR/SMG) and your play style. I'm going to make a post with the most basic class setups used in comp.

    Amazing, thank you! I really appreciate it!

  2. vVv has always been a place where the community can improve at the games they're playing with like minded members and gamers. Back in the Gears of War days, we used to have threads sharing feedback with each other on where we could improve and also share what we're trying to work on so that others could help support us.


    I'll kick this off!


    What I'm trying to improve during April on CoD:

    • learn call-outs on competitive maps
    • learn map choke-points, spawn points, and rotations for respawn game modes
    • SnD setups
    • learn more about class-setup options and create my own custom class setups based on my play-style


    I'm not a competitive player, but when I play, I prefer to win and I believe the above will help make me a better player.


    If anyone has resources or ideas for how I can improve on the above, I welcome them!


    I also welcome everyone to post the areas that they are trying to improve on. It could be with a specific weapon (SMG/AR), game mode (SnD, HP, Dom), flaw in your play-style (being too aggressive/patient), improving communication, etc.

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