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  1. NuBrGNi was never 'promised' anything. We told Salvor to ask him for an estimate on his flight for Dallas, this led him to the assumption that we were covering his flight. "i just assumed i was attendin dallas cause he came up to me with the topic" direct quote from my convo with John from skype, this whole thing is has a lot of details that simply are not true. The issue with Glon was that we were transitioning between SC2 management before Dallas. We booked it flight later than usual because of this, but everything he was "promised" was delivered just like every other sponsored player vVv has worked with. 

  2. I think we already have all of this it's called vVv Gaming...

    Why do we need a separate facebook and twitter for community when we already have those?

    One stop spot for vVv Gaming, yea just go to vVv-Gaming.com now lol

    seems like a lot of work for something that's been going on for the last 5 years

  3. I don't really think a top player from the FGC is a good example. Someone who already is succesful in multiple games obviously wouldn't want to put more effort into a more challenging game, I think that is more of JWongs ego and fact that he doesn't need to play that game to contiune being successful. You need to think about it from the player who is trying to get better PoV. They're watching streams to gain knowledge on the game because they see all these players around them making a living off of it. And the game's that require less work, are also terrible to play competively. Like you said it's personal preference, but with the amount of people who play SC2 even though they aren't nearly as good as the people they watch, tells me differently.

  4. In a competitive aspect they copied the broken domination system where spawns are random when it 'could have been fixed. They added in new guns, but honestly just changed fire rates and models. There is an ACR/Famas clone in MW3, just with different names. The biggest thing is the interface, movement, and weapon damage. In CoD4 you actually needed gun skill to kill someone and the skill gap was aparent. You die in one burst, who ever is holding their L trigger long enough at the right time in the right head glitch will always kill you because you die instantly. Movement, interface/menu layout is the exact same thing, stuns/nades same. Hard to explain, but MW3 really just seems like a MW2 map pack to me and many players who plays CoD competively on console.

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