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  1. The memories!! Good to see you around
  2. vVv has always been a place where the community can improve at the games they're playing with like minded members and gamers. Back in the Gears of War days, we used to have threads sharing feedback with each other on where we could improve and also share what we're trying to work on so that others could help support us. I'll kick this off! What I'm trying to improve during April on CoD: learn call-outs on competitive maps learn map choke-points, spawn points, and rotations for respawn game modes SnD setups learn more about class-setup options and create my own custom class setups based on my play-style I'm not a competitive player, but when I play, I prefer to win and I believe the above will help make me a better player. If anyone has resources or ideas for how I can improve on the above, I welcome them! I also welcome everyone to post the areas that they are trying to improve on. It could be with a specific weapon (SMG/AR), game mode (SnD, HP, Dom), flaw in your play-style (being too aggressive/patient), improving communication, etc.
  3. Couldn't agree more, vVv's competitive differentiation has always been organized play and a social/competitive community. Let me know how I can help.
  4. Welcome back! Great to see you around and to play some MW today.
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    Just started playing Anthem today, how is everyone else enjoying it?
  6. Hi all! Jerry, Jordan and I are playing Neverwinter Online on the Dragon server. In case that you're not familiar with Neverwinter, it's a F2P PC MMO developed by Cryptic Studios. The game was released back in 2013, so it has 5 years of solid content to explore. You can download and start playing through the Arc client, or through Steam: http://www.arcgames.com/en/about/client See you in game! Rob
  7. Hi all, I'll be in Germany for Worlds from 10/23 and back on 11/3. I will be sure to take tons of pictures! gogo Fnatic
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