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  1. Hey everyone, Im here to inform everyone in vVv that i am Resigning from this community for the time being. Due to currently family and personal situations I feel that it would be best for me to resign. As some of you may have already noticed, its been months since i have been on here. I would like to point out however, during my stay here I have had some really amazing times and came across some amazing people and the community here is better that i have ever anticipated. I am grateful to have been apart of this community and hope all the best in the future for this Community and site! Safe Travels and Game On my friends
  2. Hey, due to a recent conflict between my now ex fiancee and myself along with loosing my job and stress I've been forced to move in with my family who are also dealing with some family emergencies... Basically my life just went spiraling downhill within the last week, and I will not be active for some time. I may be on Xbox here and there, however this is just to clear my mind and releave stress. Not sure when I'll be back but right now I need to focus on rebuilding my life back... Take care
  3. Ys I think there is a lot of interesting things so far with it, deff keep an eye out
  4. Destiny so far is really good and the online multiplayer (while very limited) is still extremely fun and fast paced. even with just the one hopper (control) its still very addicting and I like the fact so far it uses ur current weapons but still limits them so its very evened out in a away (example, i have 2 heavy weapons but in the game it only defaulted to one and locked the other out. instead of being able to switch between them where the 2 primarys where fine) Also the Melee attacks are Really good, (Im very picky when it comes to Melee attacks, See titanfall melee issues) Cant wait to see how it ends in the full version
  5. Officially Graduated and working! lol

  6. I'm deff interested in this and willing to do what i can to get this back in the MLG/UMG lineup, This Game is where i started my goals to become a Pro gamer and loved the community back then who played, lots of respect back then compared to CoD at atm. Been a halo fan since Xbox V1 launch and i will be moving to Halo upon launch on the X1. The only concern i have atm is more of my self and lack of available time as you guys may have noticed i haven't been on as much. This is more due to personal and family issues that have come up however I will do what i can in during the free time i have. Please count me in on this one, none the less
  7. I personally cant wait for this to come back, I've been a fan of halo since Xbox launch and watched and played it as it went through its highlights and low lights, (Halo 2 specifically) Halo needs to come back to competitive scene as it used to be bigger then CoD and had more respectable people. If AND when it comes back I will be moving over to this for sure, As this game is what got me into the competitive scene and is overall my Favorite competitive title and most fun to play!
  8. done internship on the 27th. then its job hunting again for web design jobs

  9. holy crap that was quick, Good luck man
  10. Welcome back, and good luck man, Seems i missed your app first time around so hope to see you on Sat night CGN!
  11. @vVv Ahryse never really thought of that option, may look into that later on when i get some cash, Thanks

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