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  1. I learned you some easy things but you turned these into something huge man! haha:) Ill maybe play a little in the morning but I got an hockey game at 7h30 pm ET so I don't think that I'll be able to play at the CGN tomorrow... So time for you to rock this lobby!
  2. Everytime a pleasure for me to play with you and the others at any CGN! Yeah this game was pretty sick! Im the B23R Savior! hahaha:) thanks man and good luck on your app too! Yeah I was off for a while! but now Im back! It was really fun for me too and thanks! Same for me man! You've done some serious progress since the last time that I played with you! you destroyed me in that CTF Raid...Keep going! and can't wait to play with you soon!
  3. Cant wait! I really don't know when Ill get back... This is the funniest part with online orders....
  4. I hate it too man! And I live in the ass of the world so its hard to get a 1 year membership... When Ill get back we could play some games together!
  5. Hey guys I just want you to know that Ill be out for a while because I don't have a gold membership anymore...Im getting a new one nonline soon! Can't wait to play with you again guys!
  6. All right thanks for the tip!
  7. No more gold membership:S need to get a new one online soon! Can't wait to get it!
  8. Welcome to the vVv community and good luck with your application!
  9. Same for me man! unfortunately it was my birthday so I couldn't be there at 7pm:( but GGs!
  10. Congratz man! Hope you'll get the V's!
  11. Thanks for the invite! Ill think about it! Thats what I'm trying to do right now and I voted for them before you;)
  12. Thanks to Sinister Bodyrotx and Natural for the endorsements!:)

    1. Dutch


      gratz for that m8...

  13. Thanks man and anytime! Thanks for the support man! and yeah atm Im playing LoL almost all day:P But sometime I get back too xbox so hope to grind LP with you soon!
  14. Thanks man I really appreciate your support!

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