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  1. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    I did make a toon on the VvV server but have not been able to get anyone to get me into the guild. So i have been playing GW2 alot also Star trek online, and when more content comes to wildstar i will be there as well.
  2. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    I have not been able to get into the guild, but i am finally on the server. The Game looks Amazing! love the crafting, the only thing i may not like since for the a time i will be free to play is the grind. I know every MMO has some grind but we will see when i make it to higher lvl.
  3. Welcome to VvV, and good luck with your app
  4. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    oh btw sorry for the long reply been away traveling for work, but im back now
  5. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    ITs a great game just feels very grindy. But the que for this server sucks
  6. Welcome to VvV Tyberian
  7. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    Awesome Viva Will do. I will do it with out pants
  8. Cohas

    MMO Application: Cohas

    Well everyone i as of the 3rd of October My wildstar account will be cancelled. I really enjoyed the game just wished they would bring out more content. Till they to I will not be playing it anymore. Also seems like no one in the guild is also not playing anymore. I still play gw2 with VvV also will be getting into Arch Age with it comes out. I also just got into league of legends and would like to run with you guys as well. I am also still wanting to join the VvV community. I am still aroud just not into wildstar till more content.
  9. So far so good. I really love the leveling up system. Crafting is so much easier with the UI update
  10. Welcome To VvV Sedated
  11. Welcome to VvV Chibigoat3
  12. Welcome jrookie20 and good luck
  13. Welcome Aboard and good luck
  14. Cohas

    MMO Application: Grits

    Welcome aboard and good luck with your app

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