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    Hanging around with mates,playing xbox and playiing football
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    i have uploaded a profile pic.I will fill out the details the best i can.I subscribed to the youtube channel.I dont go on the other sites much.And yes i will contact my whole team and get them to post in here tomo ASAP .
  2. AnDii


    Yes il be getting my whole team signed up tomo. And thank you
  3. AnDii


    1. Name: AnDii Murtagh 2. Age (minimum 15): 17 3. Gamertags: Fitzerr 4. MySpace profile name and URL: www.bebo.com/andii_murtagh 5. AIM Screen Name: AKA TowLy 6. MSN Messenger: adambiggie116@hotmail.com 7. Skype Name: gm_iiMPULSE 8. Please list all your LAN and online achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won : None as of yet but 2 on the way . 9. How many hours per week will you devote to gaming? 6 hrs daily 10. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? yes we do 11. What are your personal goals? To be the best possible gamer i can Team Captain Only: 12. What are your teams personal goals? We want to attend XL and place in the top 4 . 13. How did your team hear about vVv Gaming? Well its a very big name so either to GB or people iv played with 14. Why is your team interested in being a vVv Team? Well were a very strong team unbeaten on Gamebattles so i just think we could improve vVvs EU name . We have been together for a while now and think we would fit in very well in the vVv team lineup . 15. Are there any video montages of this team? No only for GoW1 16. Has this team played together on lan? No we havnt but we have a good online record 17. What is this exact roster's online record? 52-0 on gamebattles http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/gears-of-wa...en7iinal-gaming Well were applying as we think were good enough to represent a good org also we think vVv would be a good one as they have a strong name and reputation and a very strong community with is a big + . Thank you for taking your time to read the application . Cheers Lads Team Captain

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