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  1. Haha yeah, it just kind of comes out (that's what she said??). I would have played 8's today, I just was not feeling it at all! Thanks for the kind words, though.
  2. Let's go DJ, let's go! =clap clap=
  3. I will definitely add you and follow you on twitter! I'm always looking for friends to play with ^-^ Aw, thanks! Best of luck on your application, also. Even though you are young, you seem to be pretty mature! Thanks it was nice talking to you I acutally am practicing S&D more. I'm getting used to playing stealthily and not just rushing. Slowly but surely I will obtain master awesome skills (haha okay, maybe not)
  4. RAW!!! You are awesome and are most definitely going to get in! You should do a live stream. I'd love to watch you play!
  5. Good luck, Xploh! I only played with you once but you are really good and you are a pretty nice guy as far as I can tell ^-^
  6. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the challenge of doing all of these things! However time consuming it may be, it's definitely worth it! I love playing with everyone in 8s and I hope to learn and achieve more.
  7. Thanks for all the love<3 Yeah, Search is just not my thing. I honestly don't even want to be good at it because I want to avoid it as much as possible. It's like that one girl in high school you know has slept with everyone, so when she so much as touches something, you avoid it like the plague. That's how I feel about Search. But I might get on soon and play some S&D Pubs
  8. Lol, well my GT was never thaattt. So sorry, didn't know you had a preference
  9. That's the only name I feel okay calling you. Just like some people only feel right calling me Taco (my GT used to be Naughty Taco)
  10. Yeah, as long as you're not one of those really immature annoying people, they probably won't have a problem with you You seem very nice and mature to me. Good luck!
  11. Thanks @vVv Matter, and stfu Soap
  12. Yeah, I know I shouldn't do that. Thanks a lot, though! Haha that was once, I swear! I don't even know who's gun that was.
  13. Thanks for the friendly words. I played some 8s today. That was just crappy (on my part) I'm not sure if it was a bad night or I just really suck and never even knew it! No wonder my boyfriend would rather play with you lot
  14. Thanks a lot, vVv Coach

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