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    Brittany Walsch
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    Blurrr eV
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    COD, Black ops 2
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    A lot
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    Types of movies: Action, Horror, Comedy, Adventure, and Love/Sad
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    Dubstep, Skrillex, Hip hop
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    My interests are hanging with friends, playing sports (for fun), and spending time with family. Going to start volleyball.
  1. Follow me on instagram - Glowstick_Bae

  2. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HM5VY2L Please take my survey i want input on my book im going to write
  3. welcome to community, good luck with your appl.
  4. Whats funny is i want to join vvv, yet im quitting xbox and i even asked my dad for a vvv sweatshirt and long and short sleeve shirt. lol ill support vvv without being on xbox anymore. but might reapply next summer :) and will suck at first but hey wont be playing for a year. i do want to say thanks to vvv and the community i met some really cool and supportive peole.

    1. Sailox


      Did you make that? if so what are the Dimentions as per row? if you dont mind my asking haha

    2. xGlowstick


      I used the Green lantern on here http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/supermans-pixel-art-templates.742367/ And I dont know how to explain how i did the V's took me a while to do the V's

    3. xGlowstick


      If you want I can take out the white and take another pic to show better i guess

  5. I'm asking my dad for a vVv Long and short sleeve shirt :)

  6. The real Matt White follows me on twitter?

  7. "Hey you dropped your smile" - By a guy at six flags that came up to me randomly on a field trip. ;)

  8. I'm not in vVv but if I had the money I would buy a vVv Sweat Shirt for sure! I make some awesome friends.

    1. vVv Tahvvy
    2. xGlowstick


      I entered in the summer give away and did all 3 ways to enter. Hopefully I can reapply next summer and already have all vVv Gaming gear. <3

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