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    Palyup reacted to vVv Bagzli in Post your gaming station!   
    No Nyx, that won't do.  you need to go take pictures now and post, now that you talked about it you made us want to see it.  
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    Palyup reacted to Anaxamander in Post your gaming station!   
    I pretty much always have lots of junk on my desk. The cat likes to hang out there a lot as well.

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    Palyup reacted to vVv Bagzli in Achievement Hunting   
    I'm thinking of making this an 8 pm event, a guaranteed once a week event.  Lets discuss this more when we are both on mumble.
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    Palyup reacted to Valius in PvP Wrecking   
    ...You can say Deku, Blue, and the others and I were doing some damage tonight..

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    Palyup reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Introduction of 'THE' Studguardian   
    Welcome to the forums!  Glad you're having a good time.
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    Palyup reacted to Lamorak in Guild Wars 2 Calendar of Events   
    You can find our Calendar of Events here or click calendar at the top and switch from Community Calendar to GW2. We will post all of our upcoming events, guild missions, and guild meetings here. Feel free to subscribe to it (link at the bottom) to receive notifications of new events.
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    Palyup reacted to vVv Bagzli in PvP achievements   
    that is a really good point, never thought of it that way.
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    Palyup reacted to Muddy in FOTM   
    I would love to help out people get up in fractal levels so that eventually we can be doing high level fractals, such as 30+ and 40+
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    Palyup reacted to Lamorak in FOTM   
    That's ok! We're making a big push towards running more events, fractals, catch-up missions and such as a guild at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern (2 hours before reset). Saturday and Sunday probably have more available people to do this kind of thing.
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    Palyup reacted to Muddy in WvW   
    I was just wondering if anyone would like to get the guild into WvW more. I see that we do a lot of guild missions and dungeon runs, which is good, but I would like to see more WvW events. WvW is what really got me into the game right after release. The only issue is that it's no much fun unless you're in a decent sized group. I dislike just zerging around that the commanders in our server seem to do. I'm more interested in not taking objectives but defending what we do have. I'll leave the taking over to the zergs. So if anyone else is interested in that, perhaps we can get a decent group of 10+ guildies to upgrade and siege our towers and keeps, and then defend and hold them when a enemy zerg comes knocking. (That's more fun than storming a keep in my honest opinion) Glad to get some feedback, so let me know what you think.
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    Palyup reacted to foldor in Achievement Hunting   
    How about Belcher's bluff? It's a tad bit expensive though.
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    Palyup reacted to Trent Aldebaran in Achievement Hunting   
    As I mentioned earlier over mumble, I recommend we go for the two secret (although recently revealed in the new UI update) achievements in Ebonhawke: Speedy Reader and Cleaning Up the Neighborhood.  Speedy Reader involves reading all 20 volumes of the books in Ebonhawke in one sitting, and the other involves tearing down every single separatist propaganda poster in Ebonhawke.  If we all move as a group and do it together, it should be a cinch.  Plus, I'm sure none of us have done these achievements yet, as they were completely secret until recently.
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    Palyup reacted to vVv Bagzli in Studguardian Community Application   
    Best of luck stud.  Make sure you read upon the new application process located here.  If you got any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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