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  1. RIP Mikey the first friend i made here in vVv. Going to miss you brother.

  2. yes sir sure is. hit me up it you wanna play sometime
  3. What made you stop pursuing those divisions if you don't mind me asking? CoD i was never a big fan of it since I have always been a fan of halo and LoL Titanfall came out and now that im playing it it has me hooked kinda like halo 2 did when i would just play for hours even if im playing alone In response to the question asking about your competitive goals for the next six months, you answered world domination. Does this mean you are planning to be a top ranked player? yea i try to strive to be the best After playing a the game for a bit, how comfortable with the new features, such as wall running, are you? First off i love the wall running and Im a big jumping person as it is so just add to the things i can do What do you like to do when you aren't gaming? beer pong lol and im married so i do thing with my wife also vVv Bizkit i sure will
  4. we then we shall have to play sometime and try to make it happen
  5. yes i do plan to invest time in to the game. my first step is to find or build a team practice as much as possible and start getting ready for tournaments ASAP
  6. if you would like to play send me a msg or a FR
  7. Name: Patrick Kelly Age (minimum 16): 26 Location: Houston, TX XBL Gamertag: Whyt3 Chocolate If you have any social media accounts, could you provide links directly to your account (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.)?https://twitter.com/, https://www.facebook.com/Whyt3Chocolate How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? been a Applicant for CoD and LoL but before that Ninjatic Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? being that i was an app for 2 different games i dont really know wear to start I've met so many awsome people Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm looking to become the best i can be and make some money in the process What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?I'm Starting to Stream again What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? local and MLG 2 a year since 09 but took last year off Have you attended any major tournaments (MLG, UMG)? yes How often do you participate in online tournaments (360 Icons, GB)? none lately Do you prefer pickups/team scrims or matchmaking? Why? Team Scrims because i enjoy working together with people i know want the same outcome as i do and that is to win Do you watch replays and/or pro player streams? How often? not as much anymore Who is your favorite Titanfall streamer? Why? Me I'm Awesome(Just kidding) What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? maybe almost making Main Stage for Halo 3 FFA. Worst getting first rounded in halo reach 4v4 What do you hope to achieve competitively in the next six months? World Domination? lol Are you interested in finding a premade team to play on? yes but if not i would try to put my own together What level of seriousness are you looking for (semi-serious, serious, or professional aspirations)? professional aspirations What are your goals for playing on a premade team? learning to work together and becoming the best When are you generally available to practice, and how many nights per week are you looking to practice with a team? Mon.-Thurs. 5:30-10:30, Fri. 5:30 till when ever, Sat. whenever - whenever and Sun. whenever-10:30 Do you have any interest in shot calling, analysis, or being a team captain? I've done the team captain thing before
  8. this comp has been acting up and dont always let me on the vVv web site but im in the process of getting a new one so hopefully everything goes good and i get it
  9. it was all of my tattoos but like one are very detailed work and all in color
  10. I would like some feed back on this http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/gallery/image/13527-406093-467414943271445-1384742916-n/
  11. i was kind in between what i wanted to play i like mid and Jungle i use to main mid but switched to jungle because the jungleers i get in ranked

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