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    Eivind Romeu Johnsen Håvoll
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    Ålesund, norway
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    Gow, Cod, Fifa, GTA, AC, Fear,
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    Taco, pizza, pasta and so much more
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    Bookdock saints
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    Lene Marlin
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    Gaming, cars, snowboard and a lot more
  1. Been on vacation. Is in crete enjoying myself. See you all soon

  2. Really looking forward to the vVv vs col matchup later

  3. R0m3u

    vVv Application

    Welcome tonthe community and good luck with your application . Feel free to add me
  4. Switching between the umg ang the egl.

  5. Want more people to play with. Just add me :)

  6. Would love to see Fifa getting into the MLG.
  7. Great reading. Let's hope IW improve towards Lan and such tournaments. .

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