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    Mike Ahlert
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    Gw2, LoL, Anything retro, GTA, RTS, warcraft 3..
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    I'm not picky, so everything except coconut.. its not the flavor, its the texture.
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    I love movies you have to watch multiple times like the matrix, or donnie darko, but I'm a fan of star wars and LOTR
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    Ambient, indie, folk, jazz
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    I'm currently lacking 2 years of college for my Bachelors degree in music education. I love camping, singing, gaming, and building things. Puzzles are a good past time, and the movies is a typical place to find me.

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  1. I would be interested in this. I can roll: Ranger Mesmer
  2. I thought it would be kinda cool to see everyone's rigs/setups so I'll start with mine.
  3. late to post in this, but it was a definite fun event, can't wait for the next one! -Thor
  4. First photo was a little late night getting out of the map, Second picture, meet Mr. nutcrusher
  5. YES! let's do some competitions against eachother. I'd honestly love this. I feel like we could bounce strategies off eachother, and really grow as players and a guild outside the PvE realm. I'm all for the idea, let's do this! If gold is involved, all we need to do is change up the lottery rules, or change something about when the money is invested on the "off days" of the lottery so there is always gold in the bank. put a little edge to the competition. I don't see what the problem is in all honesty. we are all mature, and punctual when it comes to being serious. Let's just play and have fun, instead of making this a board meeting.
  6. just a little chillin' in the buff outside the map.
  7. There is a cucumber, a pickle and a penis. every week they meet up and talk about who has the worst life. First the pickle says "nobody likes me", then the cucumber says "nobody likes me and I taste bad", then the penis says "you guys think you've got it bad? about once a week i get a plastic bag over my head, and shoved into a dark hole, and shaken around until I throw up".
  8. Thoreneous Maxim in gw2. play LoL with a love hate relationship facebook.com/mikeahlert xbox360: undergr3nades always up for helping out with achievements in any game, or just to leisurely play. Thoreneous Maxim.2938

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