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  1. or when you drank too much at the bar and finally reached a urinal.
  2. Coward

    Robo Application

    i endorse RoBo. why? because he taught me to ride a bike. thats why. (yes i know this doesn't matter)
  3. plus the game is just downright boring now. but that might be my ADHD.
  4. "cowarddd" we're already friends so just add me to group
  5. Coward

    Cowarddd's PC App

    Tahvvy will never disappear
  6. just realised my ex girlfriend still has and wears my vVv shirt......

  7. Coward

    Cowarddd's PC App

    we all know being on my team fucked everyones kd up
  8. Coward


  9. Coward

    Cowarddd's PC App

    What would you like us to call you? Coward or Cowarddd(matches my twitter) What is your level (Age)? 22 Where ya from? Aberdeen, MD originally, but currently in Memphis, TN What games do you currently play? CSGO, COD, SMITE, EVE Online What games are you looking forward to playing? CSGO, No Man's Sky, SMITE How did you hear about vVv Gaming? If it was by time travel device, please indicate the serial number. If by wizard, please indicate who. Time-max Time Traveller 3443 (Serial: AA130943) In reality, been here a while, off and on, but got really bored of playing games alone last few months. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Do you wish you didn't know them? Pretzl, Natural, Vall, basically most of the honoraries and staff. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Wait, what's "outside of gaming"? I play a lot of poker, plus I DJ around Memphis and other southern cities. I go to school for Music Production and Audio Engineering. Hoping to going into video game and movie scoring and sound design. Do you have problems with toxicity or toxic behavior in game? If so, what have you done to reform this behavior? Would you like us to set you up with a "correctional administrator" (please submit $15 torture device maintenance fee)? I'm too good. When you play games, do you tend to grind games as much as possible, or do you often reflect on your mistakes and actively seek to improve upon them? I like stats and writing things down, did that a lot during coaching. I much rather pay attention and understand my mistakes, instead of playing through them. Have you ever competed in or attended any online or LAN tournaments? National events? (PAX, LCS, IEM, etc.)? Stripper competitions? Plenty of online CoD and EVE tourneys, plus a few LANs like UMG Dallas '13, MLG Columbus '14, and UMG Nashville '14. I did hype/coach for vVv at Dallas, spec at Columbus; and Coached at Nashville(teams I coached matches for at Nash: Villains, Team Kaliber Royale, Noble Gaming, and SoaR) What type of organization are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you? Loved being a part of this Org when it was huge, everything clicked perfectly, I miss the friends and good times I had with them. Had a hard time with my last app, but I am different now, reflecting on being more mature and active. IQ Test Portion. Please complete the following sequences: E Pluribus Unum, shakeweight, candyland, Illuminati. 1, 3, 69, 69, 69, 1738 (I'm like hey whats up hello) Kevin Bacon, Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Lucille Ball, Sasha Grey I, Fucked, Your, K/D up.
  10. Coward


    This is killing me. Our emojis are still here hahahaha
  11. Players reached out to me when they felt that the negotiations were being held in an unprofessional manner and too unrealistic for so close to an event with the experience said players had together. My "complaining" was out of frustration that with 9 days between the negotiations and the event, there was stalling. Close my app. Sad to say vVv does not fit well with me.
  12. Welp.....awkward silence
  13. oh, well it must have been, we kept talking about CDL and it just sounded like 8s.
  14. It was fine the way it was back then, basically a game night and such, calling it CDL is kinda confusing, it's just a CGN.

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