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  1. here's my awful set up. Can't wait to build my computer next year.
  2. I found the cat room and made myself comfortable.
  3. whyteghost

    PvP Team

    I'd be interested in this. I'm not amazing at pvp, especially not with duels, but I think I hold my own in a team setting. Characters: Elementalist - Whyteghost Mesmer - Blakkghost Warrior - Erngeghost
  4. Hey everyone! I started playing gw2 a few months after launch and joined the guild a few weeks ago. I've been on mumble since I joined and Bagzli said that people might as well post here. I'm a fourth year engineering student in Michigan. I stopped playing for a few weeks when I had tests but now gw2 has become my main game. I joined the guild in order to get the guild missions and get guild commendations for ascended gear. Once I joined the guild and downloaded mumble I found myself having a lot more fun in the game once I started playing with people instead of soloing. I have a level 80 elementalist and I am working on a thief and ranger. I love world v world but am willing to play anything, dungeons, pvp, etc. Anyways, that's all about me. See you all in game. - whyteghost (whiteghost.1945)

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