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  1. I played yorick before it was cool
  2. You're bears game weaker than soaps biceps chata
  3. I have useful feedback, he looka like a man
  4. I thought he was looking forward to BOFA being released in early 2016
  5. Techshow said he will re apply for rocket league
  6. Mines cheap like 500 or something if u build one yourself you'll be straight
  7. What do you mean? He likes smoking pipes
  8. Body doesn't smoke cigars he likes pipes
  9. Soap can't roast we all remember him on black ops free swarms
  10. he changed his name to crispee jr too before smh
  11. yea he drugged me once and I woke up sore
  12. I'll save you rich
  13. Can you help with bofa
  14. Soap Is a very excited individual
  15. Well its been fun guys, I had a good run here. I just feel that my opinion is no longer being heard and until that changes I don't want to be a part of vVv. It used to be different, hopefully it will rise again. But for now take care I enjoyed my time here for the most part. I'll see you all.around here and there I've met some good people here. Good luck hopefully I'll see vVv rise once again

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