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  1. I spy with my messed up eye a pokedex, nice bible you have there
  2. Kaitou253

    PvP Team

    I'm up for doing pvp. I have a thief, mesmer, necro or OP Warrior I can play (note:my warrior only works well with groups, cant 1v1 for crap)
  3. That guy sure is Ugly.....wait... he just pooped something out
  4. Yay, you finally posted after sooo long, hahaha, Glad you're in the guild, hopefully we can get you to lvl 80 asap so you can join us in the events that we do
  5. Welcome to vVv, hope to play with you ingame
  6. Nice, thanks for finally posting, welcome to the forums
  7. Kaitou253


    Was bored and couldn't go to sleep so decided to put up pics of some of the activities we've done
  8. Just Mesing around...
  9. Kaitou253

    Wassabi ?

    Limp Biscuit aye? Welcome to the fourms
  10. What's the difference between an erection and a ferrari? I don't have a ferrari
  11. Another power would be I have super running speed, downside would be that when I run, my body cant handle the G-force, so I end up passing out, which can lead me to running into a wall or something, hahaha
  12. Another one would be if you get locked in a cage, safe, coffin, whatever, and you get buried, sent into the ocean, basically somewhere you are stuck

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