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  1. im going and have a good team playing i look forward to seeing some of you guys lol....staying at the best western plus thats 0.5 miles from the convention center aswell as have a Buisness lunch with team elevates COD manager. if anyone wants to gather for dinner
  2. yea somebody said they fixed it for me....
  3. going to be at 8's tonight havent slept in 24 hours now lol
  4. message me sometime if you wanna play
  5. Add me on xbox and we will game together GT: thatninjahawk19 Good Luck
  6. still havent played call of duty with you but looking forward to playing a little bit...get ahold of me and we will play some call of duty..like i have told the other people on there applications id like to talk and meet up and just get to know each other. and i play a prot paladin
  7. id like the chance to play with you on UMGs or on rank play just meet you on xbox and see how you play on call of duty. GT Thatninjahawk19
  8. still really havent had the chance to play together much..try to get ahold of me on XBL and we will game it up on Call of Duty
  9. get ahold of me if you ever wanna game together still havent had the chance to game with you and look forward to. if you wanna get into doing esports id be willing to make a pick up team and doing stuff on AW with rank play starting jan 9th and then CGN and other things possible to get you that experience
  10. off work and chilling

  11. Hello My Name Is Ninjahawk or Cody alot of People Call me Ninja. I play Call of duty and seen the World Of Warcraft Community Section. I thought With the 10 Year mark Already Passed I would Share That I have Been playing this Game Since BETA or Even During Vanilla. I have Seen the Ups And Downs Of this Game. And i Have Followed My Life Around It From When I Was Young Till now. Im not As Big as i Was Into it say 4 years Ago Or During the Time I was During Burning Crusade. To Me Vanilla And Burning Crusade Was the best time of World Of Warcraft. I have Done Just About Everything From All the Old Raids To Go To Roleplaying realms and Seeing the Weird Things That Happen there. This Game I have Now Passed to my Younger Brother. to Tell you a Little of my Experience in playing back in vanilla through burning crusade you can read about my past guild on here and was apart of the original group that came from ever quest. http://www.wowwiki.com/Guild:Afterlife_%28Cenarius_US%29. i just thought id put it out there that this game will probably never die atleast not in the next couple years and that blizzard welcomes all challenges to this game and will not be beat... its like a addiction. which is where this video comes to mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh470D1KIVM Enjoy your quest and enjoy the new expanstion Ninja

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