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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv Buzz in Stream webcam box   
    Designed a quick basic  vVv Themed streamer webcam box or advertisement box let me know your thoughts. can be used and downloaded by anyone. Stick around should have more stuff coming soon for your guys streams.

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    MetalFoot got a reaction from MikEvil in Havik's Resignation   
    damn sad to see you go man, wish you the best
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    MetalFoot reacted to Muhdewsa in Why vVv should (prepare to) support Destiny   
    But yeah, I'd really like to see more information and videos!
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Vaca   
    Woohoo! Welcome back!
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Vaca   
    Hope everything works out and look forward to playing with you when you finally get your X1!
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv B1zkit in Vaca   
    Hope everything falls together well for you bro. You know we got your back on a personal level too man! Best of luck.
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from vVv B1zkit in Vaca   
    I will be going on a long vaca...
    A few things have been adding up and i will be going away/on a vaca.
    Reasons being...
    1. My grandfather has been in the ICU and could have died so i am spending more time with family.
    2. My work shec is so crazy i work all 3 shifts & dont really have a set gaming shec anymore
    3. I will not be getting an xbox 1 soon, and i do not find any pc games we support for me.
    4. Also since the CoD div fell apart i personally have no to little action with the community, so it is time to take a vaca & get life back on track.
    i will still be gaming, YTing, & streaming but all for personal fun again and the pure enjoy meant of gaming. There are still a few great people around here who i consider my true family & will be still be active on twitter & supporting vVv.
    So by chance if anyone needs to reach me ask for my twitter, xbl, steam ID, skype or kik.
    have a good time yall, kick some ass for me.
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from Deadaim in what song are you currently listening too?   
    wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from B Easy in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    sooo besides vall, & breezyy...are any other apps making a difference or adding value to the community?
    i really havent seen much out of these apps at all
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    Lets no judge him by his past & see what he can bring to vVv this time around..maybe he has changed..
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from Legacyyy in vVv Legacyyy's Resignation   
    congrats on your promo man, really sad to see you leave
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv B1zkit in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    The last time a green made a post regarding his skill was in fatal endorsement on dec 7th on his app and by shadow on dec 12th here in the feedback. Where is the always part in this? thats over 3 weeks that there hasnt been an update about him in regards to his skill so if he isnt being talked about in regards to his in game skill anymore then he needs to be active on here too correct?
    Axios is following both CoD and MMO. That is worthy or red and since you have an Xbox 1 as well have you tried to play with him if you have ghosts to see his CoD skill since no one has? He is highly active on all fronts of the forums reagarding CoD and MMO. 
    For apps that some may doubt we gotta see if 1) have we even got to see what this person is about and/or 2) talked to them and see what their future plans are too and what steps they took to prove so. 2014 year of talent: 1) Axios got an xbox 1 and ghosts and plays it often as he does also 2) play MMO with everyone and has knowledge in multiple games. That shows good community skills to me.
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    MetalFoot reacted to Crispee in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    you just have to take the test because you're bad
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    MetalFoot reacted to Coward in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    i have both
    oh and hehehehehe
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv OrganicBear in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
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    MetalFoot reacted to BlacK StaRR (ex-vVv) in xTheN3ptune CoD Application   
    Chopped, closed, banned.
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from BigJus240 in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    phixem is fun to play with, i got to play with him for about 4 hours the other night, & nothing but good things from him.
    Also has anyone check out one of the new UK apps xxUnitedxx?
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    MetalFoot reacted to vVv OrganicBear in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    One thing to keep in mind is that members not adding value is not an excuse to bring in apps that aren't carrying their weight. If we already have a bunch of members not doing anything, why do we need more? 2014 is the year of talent and we should be pushing ourselves and everyone else toward excellence.
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    MetalFoot reacted to Legacyyy in Changes in the CoD Division   
    Congratulations on joining the vVv Gaming CoD Division! By now you have gone through our application process and have passed your interviews in order to earn you V's!  For 2014 our President and staff have to take the division to the next level! How do we do that you ask? By categorizing our community members into players looking to be competitive and those looking to enjoy the game less seriously.
        The first category is the "Community Gamer". Community gamers will appear red in the shoutbox.  As a community-based organization, this is the foundational category for members in vVv.  Not everyone has the time or inclination to focus on being the best of the best.  Being classified as a Community Gamer means that you are here to enjoy playing with other community members, support the community and have fun!  Community Gamers wear the vVv tag and are full members of vVv, the greatest gaming community in the world!
       The second category is geared toward the more competitive CoD player. This is for the players who want to be challenged by others in their gaming style to try and make it to the next level. These players will appear with the color green in the shoutbox. The staff has selected the most skilled players in the community to test to see if someone can be placed in the community or competitive side of the division. Just because you see yourself as a competitive gamer doesn't necessarily mean you have what it takes to be green. The ones with the green names are the top players in the division. Not only do CoD Division Members have the green name in the shoutbox, but they also have special privileges. From now on the CGN will be changed from Community Game Night to Competitive Game Night. On these nights we will run full MLG rotations, maps, rules, etc. 
        If chosen to be on the competitive side of the community, you will have to keep proving yourself and stay up to par, and you will also help screen the members who want to play and be a part of the competitive side. Once a month there will be choices made where members who are community gamers have the opportunity to try to make it to the competitive side of the division.  Likewise, if a member of the competitive side is NOT performing then that member will be questioned and possibly "demoted" back to community gamer! The 5 members of the community who have been chosen by staff to "screen" players are as follows, vVv Fatal eVo, vVv Crispee, vVv Bullet, vVv Natural, and vVv BoDYRoTx. Playing in the daily 8s lobbies that are held will help you get better at the game and also help you possibly reach the skills you must possess to be on the competitive side of the division. 
        Every Wednesday night we will have the new CGN! These competitive game nights will start at 7 pm est. In these lobbies we expect you to give 100% and try you hardest to beat the guys who are on the green team. These are the nights where the "screeners" will get to see how you play, your skill, you game knowledge etc. The final choice for the changes from red to green will be decided around the last CGN of every month!
         This change may seem surprising to some of you, but in years to come vVv Gaming is going to start focusing more on talent. We want to take good players and make them great, but as well take great players and make them the best! By changing the format of the division we feel like we can recruit more talented individual gamers who want to move up in the world of Esports.  If you have any questions feel free to ask any staff member via PM and they will answer you as soon as possible!
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    MetalFoot reacted to Nyx in Community Gamer change feedback thread   
    I got through about 4 pages of this thread before I wanted to pull my hair out. 
    * I'm red (obviously).
    * I've had mod powers and access to admin threads for months now, and have been invited into staff discussions on mumble & in pm's before.
    * I attended Columbus.
    These statements don't mean I'm bitter or that I'm complaining, because I completely agree with this new process and happily support it. I'll explain why, and mabye this could provoke some of you to stop and think for a second that maybe even though this feels insulting to some of you, it's not a personal attack. This is something that will greatly improve our community if only it would be given a chance by the stubborn few.
    I'll also be honest and say that I'm not a competitive gamer. Not anymore, at least. I moved to LoL simply because I'm incredibly burned out on CoD after playing competitively for around 7 years. It's just not fun for me anymore, and when something isn't even fun to do, why bother? My problem on LoL is that I know there's only a slim chance that I'll ever make it to Plat... plain and simple. And that's the requirement for me to get out of my 'red' status in the LoL community. Very clear-cut, very defined. I simply don't have the time or dedication to LoL in order to make it to that status. I'm in complete understanding of my status as a community gamer. Why stick with this game anyways? Because I'm terrible at it but still have fun playing it. I play it for the enjoyement of the game and community itself. 
    Why am I in vVv and not interested in being a competitive gamer? Because that's not my path, AND THAT'S OKAY. Competitive gaming is not the only road to take in the gaming world. There are writers, artists, marketing professionals...  the possibilities are endless. I'm in vVv because I feel that I can practice virtually any skill here and gain valuable experience from fellow members and staff. I like to think outside the box. The world isn't over for me if I never compete at a high level and it shouldn't feel that way for any of you, either.
    I attended MLG Columbus, and was aware of the coming changes as they were discussed with everyone, not just those who were being moved to staff or elite. We were all asked to give our honest opinions, and we did. Did they have to do this? Absolutely not. The ones who are staff or elite are not your enemies. They are your mentors. Take advantage of what they can teach you, but be ready to accept the fact that you might not be as skilled as you think, or that you may not always be right. We all get a little blinded by our own ego from time to time. Let that go and aspire to be something greater and to contribute to something greater than yourself. 
    So much confusion is apparent among community members, with noone receiving the answers they want. Staff is trying to explain to you that all of the answers aren't there yet. Be understanding that this is a massive transition for vVv and that nothing great can usually be accomplished in one day. 
    I think that to many of the community gamers, this is a slap in the face & could potentially create hostility amongst community and elite members. There are hurt feelings and bruised egos. And maybe there are some members who deserved more than a community member spot. I will admit that I am not one of those. I'm okay with saying that I haven't put in enough work or time to deserve something better, yet. I'm still finding my place, but I have faith in this community and in myself. 
    Think of it in these terms...
    Pre-Columbus vVv = Regardless of color... community member. Or on the pro team.
    Post-Columbus vVv = You've been given the gift of not having to be one or the other. You get the chance to prove yourself and to stand out. Work for it. And when you become green? Help those who were once in your spot. Be the mentor that staff and elite members are trying to be to you right now. 
    Trust them. Trust the community that many of you worked hard to become a part of. 
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    MetalFoot got a reaction from vVv Tahvvy in Community Gamer change feedback thread   
    glad yall can be honest with how each of you feel......Triv & I we not the one who chose what colors, the staff would be.
    As for what sugar bear said above, i would agree with the way he worded this.
    Also this will be the first being staff in the community so i am gonna work my hardest to do my best, & if any of yall see something im doing wrong, or needs to be brought please let me know so i can do a better job with this role.
    dutch we are thankful for all of the work you did with the videos, editing, & work you put in to make those.
    We are in the first few steps of all the changes...more changes will be coming soon with in the CoD division and if you feel like there is a problem or something you dont agree with please email the staff members
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    MetalFoot reacted to Legacyyy in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    optimize can to me personally and asked for a chance. i know hes ignored many chances before but i told him i didnt want some shotty video. i wanted clean transitions and actual good game play from the CGNs. he knows im not going to put up with any bs or look at trash as being acceptable. i told him he has one more chance to prove to me he deserves to be apart of this community and that if he made an outstanding video that he might earn a pre. He also knows that if he makes a great video this first time he will be required to continue to make these videos as well as help others on their own montages. i myself have see 1st hand him run the DCGN and it killed part of my inner gamer lol.. but if this video he makes doesnt impress me or the staff as well as some of the members... well then you know what happens
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    MetalFoot reacted to Premie is GoD in Community Gamer change feedback thread   
    Cool. Also, I think we need to post within the COD section (Pinned) the COD Manager / Co-Manager so that our members/applicants know where to go if they have an issue.
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    MetalFoot reacted to Premie is GoD in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    That's because it was my 8's lobby lol No BS or you'll be kicked
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    MetalFoot reacted to Minotaur in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    Just overlooked that Forever's' twitter feed. So glad his app got closed. Accusing members of "breaking guidelines", lmao. 

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