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  1. It has been great, it has been fun. In fact its been great fun but it is time for me to retire my V's. I will still be around gaming, on twitter, skype, kik & ect but i do wish vVv & everyone the best of luck for the future!
  2. Moving into my new place tomorrow! #BigKidLife

  3. money, money, money

  4. Grinding Destiny!

    1. KillShift


      Rate it 1-10 :D How much you like :D:D

  5. Will be streaming destiny tonight for my x1!!

  6. Got my X1 today, so if you are a friend make sure to add me!

  7. Loving Bo2 FFA, let me know if you want to join the fun for my next stream!

  8. damn sad to see you go man, wish you the best
  9. Vaca was awesome, wish i didnt have to come back!

  10. Going on vaca to niagara falls for the weekend!

  11. Working on a big gaming project!

  12. love playing infected, but need more people to play it with!

  13. Hey a-hole you know me as well but glad to see you apply to vVv, hope to see big things out of you bud!

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