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  1. If you need to do the prerequisite of getting Lokin's affection to level 10 and you don't have Bioanalysis leveled yet, you should pick up that skill and run around Yavin 4 leveling it up by killing monsters and farming nodes. Monsters and nodes spawn very quickly and you get the materials you need to give to Lokin. Make sure you have that part down before the 10th. (You can still get items to raise affection from Rakghoul event, but better to have it done already.)
  2. You only need other players for like, PVP and ops, if you want to level a Sentinel to enjoy the story by all means definitely do
  3. The only disappointing thing so far is that a lot of companions lost their unique-ness in their skillsets. Even the CC bought companions, Treek and HK, lost their signature appeal, Treek with tank/healing at the same time and HK with his assassination ability. I would have liked to see them keep their extended quickbar with some unique skills for each companion that stay no matter what role they are performing, instead of making each one a cookie-cutter re-skin of each other. Either way it is a welcome change from only having 1 viable companion.
  4. Short and sweet. vVv just is not my home anymore. I hope those of you that stick around are able to bring this community back to what it used to be and even better than that. Hasta luego.
  5. What city? I'll be more near Masury.
  6. I'll be in Ohio visiting family from 7/23 - 8/10. Will not be on at all.
  7. I'm on ...well whenever I'm not doing anything else. I know that's not a time, but just find me in mumble if you're looking to play, if i'm on mumble I'm on.
  8. play agent again because agent story is AMAZING.
  9. I figure that the communities involvement will pick up closer to the October expansion, but starting things up again now will definitely help. I'm seeing TONS of new characters and accounts in starter zones and on the fleets now and its growing ever so slightly.
  10. From now until the beginning of the expansion, I HIGHLY recommend subscribing, if not alone for the better benefits of being a subscriber, you get a 12x EXP boost when you do your story mission, which means you can level to 55 on just the main story, which is pretty amazing.
  11. What is a counter to critplank mid and what is he good against? Is there a specific lane he wants to pick into, or is he relatively safe in any lane due to his oranges?
  12. In your opinion, what is a fun AD mid laner to play? It doesn't have to be meta, just someone you find is a lot of fun and has good results when played well? Also, what should I do if my team captain promised me nudes and I never got any? Thanks!

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