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  1. Best of luck to my boy FlASH!!! Hes a awesome dude and really easy person to get along with. Good luck with your app playboy :Cool:
  2. Nice and we are part of Black Ops Yay!
  3. Thank you zero. Looking forward for tonight's decision.
  4. Everything is confirmed now and ready to go hopefully we get this and join the vVv Family.
  5. Thanks. Yes I been on the beta the past few days, because the psn servers are down. It's a great game but god do I hate pubs on it. Once the actual game is out It will be an amazing competitive game because of how the shotgun is actually good this time.
  6. We just had our meeting with vVv Relent, it went awesome. Hes a real chill dude and we all had a great time talking and getting to know each other. Thanks vVv!
  7. Well the thing was before when myself and fusion where on MayheM. We tried to get sponsored by VWS we talked to slider and he said " Yes ". I changed my name was the only one to do it and he never sponsored us, supposedly everyone told me he was a fraud. I didn't believe them cause that was the 1st time I was gonna get sponsored, we were never sponsored by him. We were supposed to be, but we weren't. If we were I would of put it, but I didn't want to put them up their since they weren't really a sponsor to us.
  8. Agreed, we were planning on playing with WaFF before Dallas, but Fusion wasn't able to go to Dallas because of the incident that happened with his uncle. Therefore I just told them I'll go since I had my ticket bought and get as far as I could to get a decent amount of points. It happened and now that my team is set and ready to go I really do believe we have a shot on winning. Lan is really different and not everyone has seen WaFF or Fusion play on Lan yet. On top of that I have probably the most underrated kid in our team who is Apathy, his shot is just amazing and hes a really smart player. So far the way things are going I really do believe we have a shot on winning this event.. Thanks for the support flash
  9. Thanks for the support I appreciate it a lot. Don't worry about that kid I'll just ignore him.
  10. Can you please stay out of our thread. Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot LordJerith. We will set up a meeting with Relent sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks Astonesh for your support and advice. The link didn't work for me, but if you send it again I'll take a look at it.
  12. I been to many locals and won every time, but not every local has had these huge checks. This was at Stanford CT and it was awesome. It was my 1st time being their and with the group of guys that I had on my team I knew we would win.
  13. Definitely agreed, bad call on that one. I will learn a lot more about vVv and so will my team, I have been lost lol. Thanks tho for the facts and I'm looking forward to learning more.
  14. Well it all started when I played Gears 1. I use to play with Red Legion who was a great team and all, after I heard that vVv picked up Vision. Everyone told me that vVv was great with teams, by that I mean they allowed teams keep their names unlike different sponsors they make you change the name to whatever they want. The community was great so many people where applying for vVv and I was one of them. On top of that everyone said that vVv was loyal and they sticked through loses and wins which was something that got me into it. I hate disbanding and breaking up teams because of 1 stupid loss. For me if we lose their's always time to go over things and practice it so when you play the team you played you wont make the same mistake. Plus I haven't really seen vVv up on top of the boards since gow2. I want to get vVv up their again and let everyone know that vVv is not dead and I wanna make you guys shine along side with us. That's some history on why I want to be part of vVv.
  15. Thanks man and hopefully we will get this sponsorship cause I been wanting to be part of vVv for a long time now.
  16. Yea I remember that haha. It was a really good match all games where close, If my real team was actually their tho I think we would of had it. Our team mate Saint going 0-9 on the 1st map Hanoi CTF didn't help at all lol. It was a awesome match and I actually enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to meeting you and going huge with my actual team in Columbus. If we get this I can promise vVv a top finish.
  17. Dude what's up!!!!!!!!! Haven't talked to you in awhile, I think the last time was in Rainbow Six when we played with bret. Yea all that info is correct but I kinda forgot about it lol. Thanks for the support and if you have a ps3 add me up Regnasty or on xbox VWS Regulate. Good lucks my man
  18. This was this years Dallas I went because I wanted to get Pro Points, Fusion's uncle died and he wasn't able to attend Dallas so our team didn't wanna go so I picked up Clayster who is known as one of the best cod players, Historify he is really good as well and known very well, and a new guy that came with Historify his name is Saint and he was pretty good too. We placed 17th at Dallas, but now that my real roster is set. We are going to Columbus and we will place t3.
  19. Thanks man, my team should be doing these questions soon. Thanks for the support and btw I do remember you
  20. How long has this roster been playing together? Our current team has been together for about 3 weeks now. Myself and Fusion have been together since the game came out, WaFF ended up teaming with Fusion when I went for Vacation and he has a lot of chemistry with him. Apathy is a new member to the team that we picked up 3 weeks ago, he fits the team well with his slaying and we are doing well with him too. Where do the players live in relation to one another? Most of our team consists of East Coast players which include Myself(Regulate) whom lives in Connecticut, WaFF who lives in Tennessee , Apathy who lives in Florida, and Fusion who lives in Washington. Our rosters mix well because everyone works or has things to do. We are active and ready to go for Columbus. What are your team’s accomplishments? With this exact roster? Links? If this exact roster has not accomplished anything, please list each player's accomplishments with supporting links. Regulate: Well I'm going to start it off with me. I have played multiple games for both the Ps3 and Xbox, for the Xbox I played Gears of war and I attended multiple events for it I placed t32 for the pro bracket in Gow2 Placed 26th at Columbus of 09. I also played Call of duty modern warfare 2, my team played pcl2 and we placed 9th( http://gamebattles.com/ps3/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2/team/authentic-reality/ ). I than played Halo Reach for my 1st time last nationals and placed t32 for it with a team I went with called " Your pretty good kid ". Fusion: Modern Warfare 2 Achievements 1st - Tva LAN $520 6th - GB Live N/A 1st - iCn 4v4 1600 MSP 1st - Bring iT FFA $130 2nd - 1v1 SMG's $50 1st - Bring iT 1v1 $100 5th - Old Spice N/A Professional Call of Duty 4 Player Achievements 1st - Gamestop 1v1 CoD4 $800 1st - Holiday Classic #3 $500 2nd - Gamestop 1v1 WaW $100 1st - TTG FFA $60 1st - Tva LAN II $1000 2nd - HC Playoffs Spring N/A 3rd - 1v1 MP5 N/A 1st - Tva LAN III $1000 8th - PCL3 09 N/A 2nd - Team Playoffs Summer N/A Total COD/MW2 Individual Earnings: $1760 Total COD/MW2 Team Earnings: $3120 WaFF: http://gamebattles.com/profile/Dv8WaFF Apathy: http://gamebattles.com/profile/wiryyyyy What are your team's latest tournament results? Please provide support links and any links to supporting pictures. Well we haven't really played a tournament with this new team that we have, but we are currently enrolled in the Columbus ladder. http://gamebattles.com/ps3/call-of-duty-black-ops/team/fly-society-pcoq2lol/ What is the team's next event online? LAN? We are planning on attending every lan event together, as well as every MLG event starting from Columbus. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? N/A Why are you no longer with them? N/A What was your worst sponsor? Why? N/A What do you hope to achieve with your team? We hope to win every event possible, we practice really hard and going into Columbus I am really confident in our team placing t3 for sure. We are by far one of the best CTF teams in my opinion by the way we rotate and kill. We already have great chemistry and we are going into Columbus with wanting to get that number 1 spot. Who do you see as your toughest competition? Leverage, they are by far the best team on the circuit now, but they are beatable, even tho everyone thinks they are unstoppable. Are skill level as a team has the potential to surpass them at Columbus. What is your expected finish at your next event? We are planning to place 1st that's our goal and we believe we can definitely achieve it. What do you hope to get out of vVv Gaming? Well I myself have been wanting to be sponsored by vVv for a long time now. I tried to get my past team sponsored from Gears of war but my team broke up and it didn't go to well. We want to represent vVv and show everyone that vVv is still up their with everyone. vVv Fly Society is what we want and hopefully will get. Individually, all team members (Including the captain) must answer the following: How long have you been playing competitively? I been playing competitive for at least 4 years now and it has been great. If you are attending a LAN event, please detail your travel plans here (flight info, car info, train info, bus info, etc) I usually travel in Planet, but as for Columbus I will be road tripping with my boy TuQuick who placed 2nd at Dallas. How many hours during the week do you devote to gaming? How many of those hours are for the game for which you are applying? We play from 9p.m eastern till about 1a.m eastern during the weekdays. During the weekends we play from 12p.m to 10p.m, that gives us at least 8hrs of practice. Have you attended any national events? (MLG, CPL, WCG?) Yes I attended the last Nationals and I played reach, I came top 32 for it and it was awesome. Are you shy around people you don't know? No Link us to some of your best personal achievements. http://gamebattles.com/ps3/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2/team/authentic-reality/ What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? My biggest loss was in Columbus 09, I was playing Gears of war and I had to get a last minute pick up, because one of my guys couldn't attend it. He choked really hard with a boomshot and cost us the match to go down to losers bracket. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? Well seeing as my team is up their I think once everyone sees that we are vVv Fly Society, they will realize that vVv gaming is still up their with all the pros and that vVv is not a joke. We want to not just let people know that vVv is still a contender, but vVv has a great community and we just want to be a part of it. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel) http://www.youtube.com/teamflysocietypro
  21. Regulate

    ReGuLaTe x app

    I found a team.... Regulate, DukeSkillz, Trips, inhale
  22. Regulate

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Team Update: Their will not be no more Direct Effect for Dallas maybe in the future come Orlando Idk. Im sorry everyone for doing this but I don't we will find a right fourth for the team currently what is happening my brother fatalise is joining TL and Baird. Demon will be teaming up with D BlockK, and I am gonna tryout with some of my old buddies inhaL3, xDukeSkillz, Trips, they got 27th at Columbus we got 26th and they are good as well... Im sorry everyone I will still like to be part of vVv so ill keep you updated on myself.
  23. Regulate

    ReGuLaTe x app

    I dont know yet... I wanna make sure we pick someone up soon if not I dont think their will be a direct effect for Dallas anymore. Im still gonna go tho I will find a team if we don't find a good fourth. My bro wont go and will wait he said till Orlando. Shady kids like this is what gets me really mad especially when our team is doing really good and just leaves, I never Disbanded my team but we will see what happens I will keep you all updated on our team.
  24. Regulate

    ReGuLaTe x app

    No... Team Update: SLy TL quit the team due to teaming up with baird, we had baird in our team for awhile since gow 1 but i didnt want to pick him up because we were doing well with him. So he left and is teaming up with baird, + he left to for getting buthurt in a scrim...

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