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    Joel Monreal
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    Green River, Wyoming
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    Gears Series, Rainbow Series, Cod Series.
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    So far Step brothers.
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    Many many different bands.
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    Women, Alcohol, Games, College, and many more.

About Me

Joel Monreal is 19 years old and lives in Hartford, Connecticut. He moved from Los Angeles, California which is where he grew up. Ever since he moved to Hartford, he has been highly involved in soccer. Soccer is his favorite sport, because of his talent.He has been competitive since Socom days. He fell in love with the way people took it as serious as real life. After the Socom series, he ended up playing Gears of War for Xbox 360. Later, he attended his 1st event, Orlando 2007, and placed 21st.. He was really happy with it. After a while his old teammates TeePee and LvG persuaded him to tryout Black Ops.

TeePee showed him everything he needed to know. After a few months Joel and Fusion created Fly Society along side Nynjatic. They placed ninth at MLG Columbus event and obtained Pro Status. He says columbus was a great event for the team but a decision was made to make some changes.

They dropped both Fusion and Waff, and picked up TuQuick, and Terrorist. This new team is now known as vVv Fly Society and will remain for the rest of the season. H wants to thank vVv and all of the sponsors for supporting them and helping them out and his best bud Nynjatic, who he believes is the best coach in the world.

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